My first impressions after two-hours with Sea of Thieves

PowerUp! - "I was always a little bit wary of how Sea of Thieves would function in the wild. After two hours of playing at launch though, my first Sea of Thieves impressions are nothing short of glorious."

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jznrpg212d ago

I hate the art style , it bothers me to look at them.Hate Fortnites graphics too

Neonridr212d ago

and while you might hate them, others might really enjoy them. Every game doesn't need to be photo-realistic.

Godmars290212d ago

And yet more an more realism is forced into fantasy. Because surrealism is too much of a challenge for some in one form or another.

IamTylerDurden1211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

I remember xbox fans praising PUBG for its realism and ripping Fortnite for its cartoonish style, but of course they praise that same style in Sea o Thieves..

Servbot41211d ago

I hate photo-realistic graphics. Stuff like what Nintendo does, or games like Okami look amazing. This... is just butt ugly as a style, not because its unrealistic.

aconnellan211d ago


Point me to one Xbox fan that said that, because I haven’t seen any. I’ve seen a lot of hardcore PUBG players saying it, but no Xbox players

DARK_WOLF211d ago

man have u played sea of thieves on a X? It looks freakin amazing the graphics are top notch. Sun rays and the sea mmmm its not my fav game but it looks awesome graphically and sailing is really fun.

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ULTp0ltergeist211d ago (Edited 211d ago )


I'm sure that was only one despicable fanboy you heard that from. Otherwise Xbox base, in general, could care less about graphics going by the general games Xbox fans have always played. Sounds more like a PlayStation fanboy that said such a thing. Besides, Xbox fans enjoy both games.

KillBill211d ago

@IamTylerDurden1 - you remember #PUBG fans that play it on Xbox that were telling you why they prefer it over Fortnite. Big difference. Everyone likes each of their style of games for their own reason. Xbox obviously also has a large contingent of Fortnite players too.

Fortnite is not PUBG and they are so varied in play style that some people will enjoy one over the other while others might actually enjoy both.

Sea of Thieves is not like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag nor is it like Monkey Island 2. It has its own style and many will enjoy it and some may not. It has unique qualities that make it attractive game to play for a lot of people. If you or others do not appreciate the play style and game then there are many other choices in games for you to play. Simple.

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bolimekurac212d ago

then dont play those type of games, problem solved

gangsta_red212d ago

I'm not a fan of the art style too. Would have loved it to be a little bit less cartoony. I appreciate it being colorful though. But some of the character models just look strange.

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zb1ftw777212d ago

Horses for courses.

Sims with realistic graphics are mostly boring for me.

Much prefer a fun game than a boring SIM.

Christopher212d ago

This is the one thing I really like with the game. I think we've become way too obsessed with realistic graphics in general. Not that I don't like realistic, but there's an obsession with them. I loved that Borderlands stuck to a similar style rather than going more realistic. It adds to the character of the game.

Having said that, SoT for me is a no-go unless they prove in the long run to have more of a direction to the game. For me, it's just not my cup of tea. It's the same reason I stopped playing games like Rust, the first State of Decay, and the like. They lacked actual direction in combination with an open and free-to-explore world. I'm all for exploration, but in order to do that I wholeheartedly believe you need a direction that gives you a purpose in the game overall. I didn't feel that at all in SoT.

I definitely see this game as a 'hijinks' filled game. You're going to see videos of it online and they will be funny and they will show bad groups of pirates taking on really skilled and coordinated groups of pirates at sea. But, that type of stuff isn't for me. I'm not into doing things to look cool for 5 minutes. I wants to be catered to and involved more directly throughout.

I hope when we see the full game that this is something they address.

RadicalCannibal211d ago

Cheers, I bet you’re a real blast at parties too 🎊

TedCruzsTaint211d ago

They say this is a ten year game. I've heard that before, and it isn't often true. But the graphics are, in my opinion, beautiful, and will age better than a more realisticly-aimed title.

IamTylerDurden1211d ago

The game always looked goofy to me. I wonder why embargo isn't up?

Kribwalker211d ago

because the servers weren’t live?

Simmo3D211d ago

Fortnite graphics are mint. I love the art animation style graphics. Better than the same old depressing ultra realistic crap.

EmperorDalek211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

As an Xbox One X owner... I have to say this is the best looking game on the console yet. The colours in and out of the water, along with the skyline and lighting, are absolutely beautiful. Perfect example of what HDR can do.

gleepot211d ago

I for one love the rigid, harshly defined edges of the art style. It's unique, and it's fantastic.

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RuleNumber5212d ago

Happy to hear this, maybe I'll check it out, just maybe.

Obscure_Observer212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

From the article´s author:

"Sea of Thieves had me laughing, cheering and jumping out of my chair. If that’s not the sign of a great game, I don’t know what is."


Just a few hours to go!

Professor_K211d ago

Soums like he realy played the game

SegaGamer211d ago

He's talking out of his ass, nobody is like that when they play games.

rainslacker211d ago

Yeah, that doesn't seem like a statement made by a marketing firm in the least...../s

81BX211d ago

You never got a chicken dinner solo

fiveby9211d ago

A whole two hours played. Wow. Spent more time writing the article than playing the game. That's marketing for you.

Obscure_Observer211d ago (Edited 211d ago )


"Yeah, that doesn't seem like a statement made by a marketing firm in the least...../s"

Biased remark. You could at least try and educate yourself a little because:

One could said the same thing about his review for Yakuza 6.

"One of the best games of this generation and one of the best games I've ever played"

But hey, goin by your previous statements regarding SoT i can´t say i´m surprised.

You said MS had no other option other than to make of SoT a "Free to Play" on Game Pass otherwise the game would flop hard on sales.

Today SoT was released and: The game is avaliable on Windows 10 PC, now is avaliable for 10 bucks a month on game pass too, some retailers go berserk and stoped selling Xbox One physical media discs. No reviews from gaming media are out yet. Avaliable at full price at Amazon.And still:
This is only further proof that you know nothing about Xbox and Xbox One gamers antecipation for a game!

No matter if Xbox One games are avaliable for cheap on Game Pass or PC. Xbox One physical media for CONSOLES are still strong!

FACTS! Deal with it!

Eonjay211d ago

It still sounds full of crap but good on you for doing some actual research on the guy. I like it.

Obscure_Observer211d ago (Edited 211d ago )


Good. ;)

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Brazz212d ago

As i tought, combat looks terrible, total do#[email protected]$#, but...
You can have some great moments outside combat.

Jinger212d ago

The combat is pretty bare bones, but it's a lot more fun if there isn't lag issues like this guy was experiencing.

bolimekurac212d ago

there will be more to the final game as stated by the devs

Brazz212d ago

Perhaps... anyway, the game got a very beautiful side in it, the sea, the sun and the island are also very charming, i liked it a lot, very well made, but....
Characters models, imho, are a big letdown... they are ugly as @#$#@, i feel like there is some sjw bullshit in this, i mean, why can't a pirate be handsome?

Jinger212d ago


I didn't get any SJW vibes from this... I mean this looks like a classic Rare design to me. Plus, Pirates were dirty and nasty. Who cares haha

zackeroniii211d ago

idk why people care for this game when god of war had a media blowout today...

Jinger211d ago

Because people can like both games?

Kavorklestein211d ago

Maybe Because this game is actually OUT, and GOW is not? GOW will have it's turn next month after all

Sitdown211d ago

Maybe because we have played God of War games before, and this is a new IP which is now available. Let's see, attention be drawn to a game you can currently play or go look at screenshots and videos you can't currently play. Heck, you are in the comment section.... Shouldn't you be looking at God of War media?

ocelot07212d ago

Only realised recently that I have never used the Xbox Game pass not even the trial. So buying the 1 month trial for £2 will give me more than enough time to see if I like this game or not. Or if I get bored of it after 2 weeks of play.

Jinger212d ago

If you get 2 weeks of play out of a game, I'd say that's a good success. A lot of games I finish in 2 or 3 days and never touch again.

Heelix212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

That's fast. .
Where do you get the time as a working class citizen?

Jinger212d ago


Weekends. I'll usually stay up late Friday and Saturday night when the kids go down for sleep. most single player games are over in 8-20 hours anyway.

_-EDMIX-_211d ago

Success for who? If he's using one of those trial passes it means Microsoft didn't even make any money.

Jinger211d ago (Edited 211d ago )


Some people don't care about total sales and figures... regardless of how he plays or how Much he spends, if he is playing for 2 weeks that is a good deal of time.

But if you're concerned so much about their money, maybe he enjoys it, maybe he tells a friend it's worth subscribing for a month to play it? MS just got another customer.

rainslacker211d ago

Depending on the week, 2 weeks may only net me around 20 hours of game play Sometimes life takes over, and I can't spend as much time playing, or I prefer to spend time doing other things. Particularly true in the summer where I like to spend time outside doing gardening, woodworking in the shop, or fixing up stuff around the house.

pinkcrocodile75211d ago

@_-EDMIX-_ Success for Rare - Jesus, they developed the game.

Why do people have to be such C**ts over a game they either don't want to play or can't play because they support pepsi over coke. This goes for both side of the debate and I use the word "debate" in the loosest terms.

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