You can play Sea of Thieves right now anywhere in the world

Sea of Thieves doesn't launch for a few more hours in most countries, but you can get started now if you're willing to do this trick.

Eidolon1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

You won't see it on Game Pass games, but if you go to the Store, you can install it from there. Also, don't switch your profiles region, just your console as you won't be able to switch back for 3 months, according to comments references a reddit, probably referencing official stuff.

slate911908d ago

Yeah this works. I have game pass too. Just went to the store page after and installing now.

81BX1908d ago

Johnny 5 will be your friend!

irishyort1908d ago

Well you can unless you live in AUS and are waiting for it to be on the game Pass menu.....
Clearly NOT " on release" as they have continuously pushed.
This was the only real reason for me to get interested in Game Pass this month as opposed to holding off on it :(

KillBill1908d ago

So your issue being that there are region release times and you think that means the game is CLEARLY NOT being released on game pass "on release". The day it was released I was able to download it and play on game pass... I see that myself as clearly released on game pass same day as release.

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