God of War Preview: A triumphant return and potentially Sony's game of the generation - DAILY STAR

God of War returns this April and PlayStation's first outing for Kratos since 2013 might have been the most tricky, but it's also unquestionably the PS4's greatest triumph this generation.

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SuperSonic91210d ago

Definitive game of the 8th Generation? looking like it.

JaguarEvolved210d ago

I used to think consoles are rubbish compared to pc but that notion has been proven to be silly a long time ago by amazing games like the last of us, God of war 4 and a lot other games. I can't believe how amazing this game looks but a few years ago I thought consoles were rubbish and not able to do anything close to God of war. This game looks flipping amazing and I can't believe it's on ps4. I can't wait to buy this first day

SuperSonic91210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

I remember a developer names Treasure who developed a console game called Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Genesis in response to a 3D polygon game called Starfox on the SNES. They really pushed the supposed to be inferior Genesis to the maximum output. And the result was spectacular!

The thing with fixed hardware is it brings the magician engineer out of the developers to really try their darn best to squeeze out every ounce of juice they can and discover amazing solutions to make their vision come true.

There was once a time when console games looked better than PC games at the start of the HD era - 360 and PS3. Then PC games ran with it. Now the consoles are at it again but this time console games are more experienced in HD development.

This is why I love consoles over PC. Developers on consoles are very resourceful because of the limitations of hardware.

Eonjay210d ago

I mean there are so many of them... I'm still thinking it will be TLoU2 or Death Stranding.

SuperSonic91210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Yeah me too.
But even though Sony Santa Monica is eaqually a power house like Naughty Dog, it was kinda overpowered in the popularity department coz it was "chained" to the Old God of War where ND gets achance to do something different - TLOU.
But here they are coming from left field and delivering a fast ball special upon us. Now is the time for the real true God of War Acension. This is their 'The Last of Us' moment. This is their 'Horizon Zero Dawn 'moment. This is their chance to really change their A game.
If ND has their own magic this is SSM's turn to show theirs.

I have a feeling this is gonna be very very special.
Sucker Punch and Insomniac are gonna ascend too with Their coming games. I can feel it.
PS4 is really that platform to catapult any developer to greatness.
I am gonna have a list of devs that break their limits on PS4.

SuperSonic91210d ago

Dod you also notice that PlayStation first party games are selling close to 10 million lifetime sales compared to last gen. That is close to big AAA 3rd party figures.

sampsonon210d ago

it will be hard to top Horizon, in my opinion, but let's hope I'm wrong.
and then there is the big hitters, Death Stranding, Last Of Us2, and Spider-man.

KickSpinFilter210d ago

Well Death Stranding is an unknown as far as big hitter and release.
As far as sales I do think GOW will top Horizon, but not sure about the game itself.
LOU2 and Spiderman will be big hitters but for different reasons.

MarineLineman210d ago

Respectfully disagree on Death Stranding. I believe the game is basically a guaranteed hit just based off of Kojima’s name alone. With the creative minds and acting talent behind it, it’s highly unlikely the game will be anything short of phenomenal.

G20WLY210d ago

Death Stranding is too big of a collaboration not to be a big hitter. The last time Kojima, del Toro and Reedus were involved in a project was a little playable teaser known as PT that damn near melted the gaming forums lol

Take those guys, add more Hollywood talent and make a full game and I can't see how this won't be a big hitter. Games press, movies press, general press - they'll all be all over this, as will gamers, I'd imagine.

_-EDMIX-_210d ago

The release date is actually irrelevant and with a development team with the prestige in pedigree as Kojima Productions I think it would be foolish to seriously overlook such a game

Rude-ro210d ago

I agree.
I think horizon was just the defining game of this gen. Setting the bar for graphics and size.
Even if god of war is better overall, I do think horizon set the bar for expectations from Sony’s exclusives this gen.

Army_of_Darkness210d ago

On a visual standpoint as of now and from the videos I've seen, horizon zero dawn still looks better. But who knows, maybe Gow will look better in person...

Mr Marvel210d ago

HZD is currently my Game of the Generation so far.
On a PS4 Pro & 4KTV that game is absolutely stunning and has brilliant combat too.

ClayRules2012210d ago

I can’t imagine Horizon in 4K, on the Pro, with HDR on... it’s already stunning to me in 1080p on the standard PS4.

_-EDMIX-_210d ago

I think that's the way it should be every game challenging and being debatable as game of the generation so let's be honest we're going to have this same talk when The Last of Us 2 was about to come out or death stranding

So I think if that's the only thing that gets brought into question Sony has basically completely succeeded in regards to what they wanted with PlayStation 4

Ceaser9857361209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Loved Horizon Zero dawn got the plat and enjoy frozen wild and also Cant wait for GOW..

According to Digital Foundry GOW image looks much sharper then that of Horizon zero dawn and he went on to call GOW the cleanest game on the Platform.

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MarineLineman210d ago

All I’ve seen is resoundingly positive previews for this game. Even Polygon and Kotaku are calling it great, and that’s saying something lol

ConsoleGamer210d ago

The new God of war seems to bring the very few changes i dreamed of when playing the old ones. It will be hard to replace my personal game of the gen (bloodborne) but if someone can pull that off, then it is kratos, especially with the changes. Hope it delivers.

SuperSonic91210d ago

Well that is something you don't see everyday.

ClayRules2012210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Will it top Horizon: Zero Dawn for me, I honestly don’t know. Horizon was not just stunning from a graphics standpoint, but from a gameplay standpoint, it was such a “Mind blowing” experience, to just be walking through the world (at night) and have one of the robotic dinosaurs, attack me, only to see another one show up and join in, and than I get all tensed up trying to survive. I really enjoyed the story & Aloy. An incredible game. It definitely raised the bar “Visually” not just for open world games, but for games in general. It didn’t have the character model quality or animations of say Uncharted 4, but Aloy’s model was really fantastic and so well detailed.

With God of War being 25-35 hours long, I’m super excited to not just experience the story, but explore some of the environments in the world, and see what kinda’ve conversations can be triggered between Kratos and his son. Like with Uncharted 4 (my personal fav in the series) with its more grounded and darker tone, I’m anxious to see how this older version of Kratos is. Seems more human in a sense. Based on the previews, like with Horizon, it seems like it’ll be an amazing experience!

2018 will be awesome for gamers on PS4, with not just God of War, but with Detroit, and Spider-Man. All will be different, but all deliver something unique & great.

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