Is Todd Howard Working on a New Bethesda Game?

If you don’t include the Special Edition and VR remakes, then it’s been a good three years since a new game came from Bethesda Game Studios. A recent interview with the studio’s executive producer, Todd Howard, has left people thinking a new game is currently in the works.

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Xenophon_York213d ago

At this point, even if it was started recently—though has possibly been in development for awhile, we have to suspect that a new Elder Scrolls is being worked on.

Jinger213d ago

There has to be! That's their bread and butter series!

I'm a massive TES fan since Daggerfall, but good god I really hope they take their time on the next one and rework their entire engine from the ground up. It's 2018 and there is no excuse for such stiff and terrible animations and such.

LizardRock213d ago

In the interview the article references, Todd Howard is talking about a new animation system. So I'd like to believe that better animation is exactly what we would see

Jinger213d ago


Good! Also work on that sword and shield combat! Give it some weight and depth!

Steveoreno1213d ago

For once I agree with you. So tired of that engine. Need to overhaul the combat system. Less whack-a-mole.

ZeroX9876213d ago

It's been a while since the last "real" Elder Scrolls game. Online doesn't count, nor does VR edition. VR was nice! but I'm in great need of a new Scroll game.

showtimefolks213d ago

Yes he confirmed it a while ago and I think we are a lot closer to release than we are made to believe

warriorcase213d ago

Well, he's the head at Bethesda. Which is a game developer, so the chances of the head of a game developer developing a game is very high. Logic

miacosa213d ago

Yes, but its not ES6 according to an E3 2017 interview it was stated that Bethesda had 2 new big non-ES6 games and that ES6 was far away but it could've been a misdirection.