Surviving Mars: Connecting Domes Guide

From GameWatcher: "In a surprisingly obvious oversight in game design and gameplay mechanic, the team behind Surviving Mars decided to deny any way to connect domes, both literally and logistically. Not only there are no walkways, corridors, or tunnels to connect domes, colonists are completely incapable of leaving their dome and saultzing over to a neighbour's to get a necessity met -- if there is plenty of food in the dome outside their house but none in their own, they will damn well starve to death."

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Chaosdreams304d ago

Great game but yes I'd say the two areas needing the most attention would be:

1. Connecting Domes (When I realized that wasn't possible, I laughed). I imagine (hope) that in one of the upcoming instalments they add that functionality, and perhaps interesting sci-fi bits to create outside domes (such as living along mountain cliffs, etc).

2. Better UI in relation to the Citizens. It's a tad messy/chore to utilize in its current form. Example being - when I "fire" a worker, everyone on that same shift is fired, and then the job field repopulates with people with the wrong job field. The only work around is to select each citizen individually and assign them their corresponding job (which is insane when they can number in the hundreds).