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3748d ago
DavidMacDougall3748d ago

Im a Sony fan but i hope they get it so that they will know what real story telling is

falviousuk3748d ago

@DavidMacDougall -

yes it was called Bioshock

Cenobia3748d ago

MGS4 should teach Bioshock how to do a proper ending.

Saint Sony3748d ago

Not everyone has PS3, therefore MGS4 for 360 sounds right.

3748d ago
sonarus3748d ago

I wouldn't be surprised. Microsoft has made it clear that their priority this gen is to take out PS3 games. No point making games of your own when you can just buy PS3 games:). Sooner or later there will be nothing left that they can buy though.

But seriously if it did come out for 360 i would buy it again cus its too awesome:D. Can't wait to own some 360 noobs in MGO:D.

Wow can't believe i actually want this:S

Cenobia3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I'm sure it's possible, there would just have to be compromises (diminished audio/video quality, etc). Of course, all of that would take development time so even if this were true it wouldn't be out for the 360 until some time next year.

By then it wouldn't matter if the 360 got it or not. I'm sure a few people would buy it for the 360 but it wouldn't move any consoles. It makes no sense for Konami or MS to do this. Neither benefit at this point.

falviousuk3748d ago

@eric100 -

do some research before you open your mouth and let words pour out without engaging your brain.
Hideo Kojima has previously said that MGS4 is possible on the 360. Not taking into account the storage capacity of Blu-ray.
The hardware is very capable.

sonarus3748d ago

hahaha which is it guys do you want greatest game of all time on your 360 or not. If this rumor gets denied AGAIN same people saying they want will be changing their mind tomorrow...but thats okay i still love you guys:D

DavidMacDougall3748d ago

Cenobia said it for me (Bubbles for him) Bioshock is nothing compaired to MGS4 in story telling

leila013748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I hope this happens, just to see some fanboys jump out of the wondow, cry out, run naked in the street... just like when FFXIII was announced for 360. It just cracks me up when I think about e3 2008.

"Hey mister, what happened to you?"
"WE've lost an exclusive!!!" oh my GAD!!

First one to jump would be.... Eric/Cahill/AlexM (yes, I noticed it's all the same guy)

No Way3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Don't start with that power crap.. Kojima himself said that it COULD be done on the 360. And, here is a link:
As, falviousuk has already stated.

@Cenobia - I disagree that it wouldn't move consoles on the 360, and disagree that it wouldn't benefit MS or Konami. Regardless, there is and will be people that won't buy a PS3, so if they wanted MGS4, they would now be able to pick it up on the 360. And, Konami would benefit because, as everybody likes to say, MS would probably "bribe" Konami, so they would still get money in that sense. And, for MS it's just another PS3 exclusive game lost, regardless if it comes out a year later.. look at BioShock, or Oblivion.

sonarus3748d ago

But you guys don't want to spend 60 dollars on a game that only last for 2hrs and has 1million cazillion cut scenes do you:D

Hagaf223748d ago

yeah well if that were the case gears would be on the ps3 then right?

SL1M DADDY3748d ago

MGS4 is coming to the 360... Did you know they are making a FFVII remake too? Yeah, there is also a chance that Duke Nukem Forever will be released this year and not to mention it but Allan Wake is slated for a January relase 2009! Yay for rumors!

leila013748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Don't cry, you still get to play the game, I'll lend you my Elite, 360 owners are probably going to get Exclusive DLC. M$ bribing again, when will this stop!?

3748d ago
solidjun53748d ago

how is SL1MDADDY crying? he's pointing that it's still a rumor until it has been substaniated. Jeez, you Xbox fanboys are hilarious.

butterfinger3748d ago

I'll tell you one thing that would make it BETTER on 360 (for me at least): Achievements.

I'd have no problem buying it again for my 360 and beating and getting all the achievements. The game is definitely that good. Honestly, they could just have one disc per act and it would take less time than the installations did on the PS3.

PirateThom3748d ago

Yeah, it could be done on 360, on December 16, 2005

The game changed a lot in a 2 and a half years, I doubt it could be now, since Kojima also said more recently it couldn't be done on 360.

SL1M DADDY3748d ago

Thank you. Perhaps I was not clear enough for some but you caught exactly what I was getting at. This is rumor and speculation and is silly. It's as silly a rumor as it was a year ago and will be just as silly a year from now.

aftrdark213748d ago

It's coming out next year and it's called Splinter Cell Conviction...

Really anyone noticed how when MGS4 came out Splinter Cell got push to 2009?

thetruthinator3748d ago

It is always troubling to discover that, despite plentiful and obvious evidence... some people will still choose to believe a lie. Truly, the lie that Sony would have joe consumer believe is that the Ps3 is a whole head and shoulders above the competition, in reality, it is surprisingly even...

before its release, i really believed that the ps3 would blow xbox360 out of the water... it never happened

potenquatro3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

But I doubt it's coming to 360. I have no reason to think that, I just do.

Bnet3433748d ago

I have this on PS3, no need to get it on Xbox 360. I'm hoping for a better Metal Gear Online if it ever comes to Xbox 360 though.

lowcarb3748d ago

Well if the game does come next year i'm sure they will reward 360 owners with more hours of gsmeplay. Your right though because I don't think 360 gamers will just settle for a movie like PS3 got pretty much. ;p

Tru_Ray3748d ago

Hmmmm. Who cares? I already played this game and beat it (one of the best games ever). If and when this game comes out for the 360, I will still be playing many of the 1st Party Sony exclusives.

- Tru

shovelbum3748d ago

I find it very unlikely but the sales would be through the roof. The game (a little bloated IMO and not my fav in the series) is very good and should be played by all interested parties. I am not sure how many discs it would come with though. Dunno the numbers but I don't think that it sold how Sony or Hideo anticipated and it would easily sell 2.5-3.5 million for the 360.

vickers5003748d ago

Bioshock story > MGS4 story

Bioshock - Interesting story full of interesting plot twists

MGS4 - Boring story that drags on talking about PMC's and how "oh, we shouldn't have done this/that" , has no creativity (nanomachines for vamp? come on, think of something that is actually interesting and not some tacked on bs idea that a 3rd grader could think up)

I seriously don't know why this site has a boner over MGS4. It's great and all, but its not anywhere in the top 10 greatest games ever.

Sarcasm3748d ago

Wow people actually bashing the MGS storyline? Seems like it's too complex for you people.

gaffyh3748d ago

@Falvious + arggh - The main thing you need to look at in the article you posted "US, December 16, 2005", 2.5 years before the game was released. - 16 July 2008 - "Kojima MGS4 on 360 'Probably Not Possible,' Wishes People Would Stop Asking".

Obviously the game is possible on 360, but the graphics would probably need to be downgraded quite a bit. Either way it would be good for 360 only owners, but I have a feeling that the xbots are all talk and won't buy this game, they'll just be like "hahahah we got your exclusive game" but won't actually play it or buy it.

MGS4 > Bioshock (although both are great games, but MGS4 is in a completely different league of awesome)

vickers5003748d ago

"Wow people actually bashing the MGS storyline? Seems like it's too complex for you people. "

Not bashing MGS 1-3's storyline, they were great, but I am bashing MGS4's, and no, its not that complex, it just drags on in most areas. You automatically think that I don't understand a story because I don't like it? That is just stupid.

pansenbaer3748d ago

The story is interesting if you have the attention span to go with it. And if you don't know any of the back story, the twists and some of the plot isn't going to make a whole lot of sense. I loved every minute of that game but I also understand that some people aren't going to.

vickers5003748d ago

"The story is interesting if you have the attention span to go with it."

Sorry, but that logic is severely flawed. That's like saying haze's story is interesting if you understand what's happening in it.

Blackfrican3748d ago

Not Interested. The Japs can keep this and pokemons.

gaffyh3748d ago

vickers it's quite obvious that you belong in the open zone --->

iamtehpwn3748d ago

MGS4, unlike FFXIII, MGS4 was built on a PS3-specific engine, meaning they would have to do a lot of recoding and extra optimization.

A rumor is a rumor until confirmed, and I'm doubting it is true. MS just had TGS and e3. If they announce this in 2009--I'm pretty sure everyone and their mom will already have a Ps3 and MGS4 who's wanted it.

johover1123748d ago

it will NEVER happen, Kojima said it over and over and over and this is the quote from the article

"For the record, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and there are no plans to develop an Xbox 360 version of the game,"

here you go

its never gonna happen damn! get over it.

meluvulongtime3748d ago

What would they do with all the Sony Playstation references?? Would they remake those sections with Xbox ones or what? Some just wouldn't make any sense though. Just a thought

AAACE53748d ago

The ps3 got MGS 4 first , and it was considered to be great so it should be left at that! No need to port it over to the 360.

Besides, if the sony fanboys were right, it won't sell that much on 360 anyway! I am glad MGS 4 has done well so far, but I feel that porting this over so late would be a waste of time. And since the 360 is so weak compared to the Ps3(says the fanboys), it would probably lack in quality and have other technical problems like a mandatory 20 minute install of 5.7 Gb's, like Devil May Cry 4 did... wait a tic...LOL!

shadowfox63748d ago

if konami want to do it on 360,fine no problem do it,more gamers can enjoy it

to me the most important thing is to use ps3 potential(blu ray-cell) and then port it

not like gta 4

I wish that gta 5 is a ps3 exclusive

KidMakeshift3748d ago

The game just wasn't that good

I don't know why gamers get their panties in twist over this

If 360 owners want a 5 disc MGS4 game then let them

Maybe people will stop praising Hideo for his "meh" games

Take all the bubbles you want. This site has become pretty craptacular

butterfinger3748d ago

Don't worry, your opinion seems pretty irrelevant considering you either (A) didn't play the game, or (B) didn't understand the game... I hope you never get to play it.

KidMakeshift3748d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

A. I played and finished it
B. I understood it. The story and presentation was even messier than a Michael Bay film
C. Get off your high horse

I hope you never get your welfare checks

SL1M DADDY3747d ago

If you are not a fan then you a) didn't get the story cause you thought it was just a shooter with no substance or b) didn't get it because you would need to buy a PS3 and you did not think the game was worth the extra console. It's not a bad thing to not ba fan of MGS4, but being one myself, I have to say that the games as a series are pretty remarkable and make for some great game play. But that is all just MHO.

butterfinger3747d ago

lol about the welfare checks, I'm betting you don't even have a job and your parents pay for all of your belongings:P

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MS Bribing3748d ago

MS needs to take their money elsewhere.

VP of Troll Corp3748d ago

After the New Xbox Experience there won't be such thing at the "Red Ring of Death" The update will give all 360s the Red Ring of Death so it will become the 360's common light color. The new term will be "Green Ring of Hope" in the rare case where your 360 actually functions properly before crashing 1 day after the warranty expires.

Dannagar3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Too late. The game is past it's prime.
Just keep it on PS3.

Hagaf223748d ago

bioshock came a year after for ps3....

power of Green 3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Agreed, I wonder why devs do that with any game for that matter.

360 gamers are use to more complex gameplay, we don't like PS style gameplay(hell I yell at the TV playing GTA4 because it keeps the traditional PS style)Old fashioned control mechanics/handling/feel

EDIT: @3.1, so you will be getting BioShock on PS3?
MGS4 had a short prime due to being over hyped, I don't understand your point.

Sony Rep3748d ago

and it's going to sell like sh!t, just like MGS4 on the 360.

When are these developers going to realize that the same people who like MGS4 on PS3 are a niche crowd on the 360.

Look at all those JRPG's that flopped on the 360. They could have sold a million each, on the PS3.

UnwanteDreamz3748d ago

You can't be serious "more complex gameplay" Yeah like FPS are complex, man please you guys are just now starting to see real gameplay in your games. Have you even played MGS4? None of the 360AAA titles I have seen offer what I would call complex gameplay. Spray and pray is more like it.

kazuma3748d ago

yeah, halo 3 and gears of war are truly shining examples of 360 exclusives being more "complex".
rofl that made my day, thank you very much :)

power of Green 3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

You have to trigger an reaction from bad guys in MGS4, I'v seen bad guys looking right at Snake not being aware untill Snake moves a certain way only then did the "over the head symbols" appear and the bad guy took action.

As Snake was getting shot making uh uh uh uh eh noises with every bullet trying to get away with rail system animations(rats in a maze AI).

360 fans love their shooters and racers and games like MGS4 and GT5 seem backwards.

madjedi3748d ago

Take it off candy ass mode and put it on big boss or the boss extreme mode then see how quickly you can get spotted.

You do remember that snake has a stealth suit on right, it functions like a chameloens skin in that it blends in to match the background.

It is possible, but it would be alot work redoing the sound/music, ai ect about not using br. If they have to put it on 4 or 5 discs, your asking for complications going that route.

GIJeff3748d ago

bioshock is IMO the most heavily over hyped game of this generation. I played it maxed out on PC with DX10 over 100fps, and it didn't really awe me at all, the opening of the game is nice, but when you actually start playing its pretty weak... IMO.

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meepmoopmeep3748d ago

oh noes!
but Xbox owners don't like watching movies

blu-ray and cutscenes FTL


likedamaster3748d ago

No thank you, it wasn't as great as fanboys made it out to be. To me, it was a complete disappointment. Xbox players like it hardcore, it wouldn't sell over @ xbox. We have the splinter cell series, all 4 games were great, we'll pass.

Bigrhyno3748d ago

Don't make me laugh. I love Splinter Cell, but MGS spits all over it... wipes the spit with its shoe, then defecates upon it.

No Way3748d ago

I love both Splinter Cell and MGS4. But, they are both good or better in their respective ways. For example, and this is my opinion, MGS4 has a better story, but the game play goes to Splinter Cell.

As for the graphics, they were about equal, and no I'm not talking about MGS4, because we haven't seen a next gen Splinter Cell yet.

But, to me, they are better than the other in their respective ways. One is not completely better than the other, just certain aspects.

IcarusOne3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I'm sorry, but to call this game the pinnacle of story is RIDICULOUS. From overly-talky characters spouting shotty, awkward, cheese-infested dialogue to unnecessarily long action montages (i.e. the European finale), this series is in need of a creative diet.

Over 19 hours of cutscenes and less than 10 hours of gameplay?! Completely linear gameplay, by the way. This is not a game that gives players choices (ala Bioshock, Mass Effect, GTA IV). Mass Effect was a truly radical game, allowing players to create their avatar's look and backstory and respond to the moral complexities of the universe. You had to make decisions, and you had to live with them. That's compelling. And next gen. MGS4 is an old game dressed in newer, more expensive rags.

I've got both systems, and there's nothing I saw, heard, or played in MGS4 that didn't seem like it could be translated to the Xbox. In terms of porting, the cell processor is the most convoluted and confusing architecture to design for. "Optimized for PS3" just means that the hard part is done. That's why DICE made PS3 it's lead platform for Mirror's Edge - so it could more easily port the game to 360. All it means is that Kojima has been - for the time being - bought by Sony.

If MGS4 truly consumed all 54 gigs of Blu-ray disc, then it's by far one of the worst examples of "programming efficiency" I've ever seen.

clevernickname3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )


MGS4 is an overhyped piece of trash. I made the mistake of buying this "game" a week after release and regretted the decision immensely. The story is ridiculous, the characters cheesy, the dialog overwrought, the controls unnecessarily complicated and the "game" itself so nearly nonexistent that one could duplicate the MGS "experience" simply by watching some anime DVD on continuous play.

The game higlights everything that is wrong with Japanese game design philosophy: the story narrative -- however contrived and ridiculous that might be -- is above all else. Creating an entertaining experience that puts the player into the game is just a secondary consideration to communicating whatever the creative "vision" happens to be.

Cenobia3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

OK! We get it! You obviously didn't like the game. Good for you.

On the other hand, a lot of people really enjoy the MGS series. The story is really enjoyable if you know what happened in the other games. For a video game I think it's really good. Would you like me to compare it with the story of Gears, for example? Games aren't known to have good plots, and MGS has always delivered on that aspect.

As for decisions, GTA and Bioshock just give that illusion. It's always one or the other, never areas of grey. MGS4 lets you ally yourself with the resistance or not. Its the same in Bioshock (kill or don't), so I don't see your point there. There are a variety of ways to face each situation in MGS4, as well. Anyway, just because it's linear doesn't mean it isn't fun, if that's the argument you're trying to make.

I personally liked the controls. I thought they were perfect, and definitley a step up from the previous MGS games. I also think the story is very important, especially with a series that's been going on for like a decade. How did you think it should end? I find games that don't have a decent story to be bitter disappointments. For example, I would have gladly watched a 5 min cut scene at the end of Bioshock, rather than that 30 second outsourced trailer (although the other ending was better).

Why can't people just enjoy a game? You guys obviously didn't like it, but that doesn't mean other people couldn't have.

iHEARTboobs3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Agree! Couldn't have said it better myself.

I also understand that MGS4 is the type of game that either you'll love or hate. But to me it felt epic playing through it. I had fun throughout the game. It was a ride i'll gladly take again. Too bad you guys didn't enjoy it. Oh well...

Tacki3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

There are around 8 hours of cutscenes, as stated in the bonus DVD which comes with the Limited Edition. As for how much 'gameplay' it has... that's kind of relative to the player. On my first playthrough I completed the title in 25 hours. It is possible to go through the game on a speed-run and beat it in less than 5, but the same can be said about many games. Metroid Prime for example has very little in way of cutscenes. I'd estimate that on average it takes 15-20 hours to beat. However, it has been completed in just over an hour by some people.

I'm not trying to change your mind about the title at all. Anyone who doesn't like it is fine by me. I loved it but we've all got different taste. I must correct you on the Bluray disc capacity though. A duel-layer Bluray disc like the one used for MGS4 holds 50 gigabytes, not 54. This is only a small innaccuracy... but still I felt you should know.

IcarusOne3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I loved the game! I agree with everything being said. I think the controls are pretty tight, and the way it handles and moves is beautiful. It's entirely understandable that Splinter Cell went back to the drawing board once they saw what MGS4 had done to reinvent its gameplay. I beat it five times in a row the first week. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

Where I draw the line is with the people who say or act like this is the 2nd Coming of Christ. I've been a MGS junkie ever since Shadow Moses on the PS1 and have played every one of them with joy in my heart. The story was what got me into it! However, whereas the first game was a taught pseudo-political thriller played out in a remote arctic base (who wouldn't love that on location alone?!), as the franchise has progressed, the story just keeps getting bigger, more epic and sprawling, more confusing, and more convoluted. It is - as someone said - basically the epitome of Japanese anime-style storytelling. Which, in my humble opinion, translates into "not very good."

Having said that, I still give the game a solid 8.5.

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Nineball21123748d ago

just to see the same old re-hashed arguments from both sides... :)

I'm not sure I've heard all of them though, so I'm looking for some new point/counterpoints to this debate. ;)

GIJeff3748d ago

i dont like you much.

Nineball21123747d ago

Haha... oh c'mon. It spices things up a bit. I like to see what people think (well, most people).

I knew this would be a hot story and I was right, wasn't I? ;)