Loot Boxes Aren't The Problem, The Publishers Are

Roxanne: Yes, we’re all tired of talking about loot boxes, but it’s hard to put the topic down when we hear so much of it coming from developers and publishers.

After the Star Wars Battlefront 2 backlash, governments from the US to Sweden have taken notice. One US Senator has written to the ESRB regarding predatory monetization methods in games. (The ESRB responded shortly thereafter.) In the background of all of this, Activision (and Blizzard) announced that they made $4 billion from lootboxes and microtransactions last year, encompassing sales from the infamously lousy Destiny 2 to unexpected esports and streaming giant Hearthstone.

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rpvenom264d ago

I don't even care to read this.. if I'm paying for a full price game.. I expect the full game with no microtransactions or lootboxes.. i don't mind expansions (if it's actually worth it.. like blood and wine) but other than that.. all you MT's can go #(*&@#*&^$*&@#

Eulderink264d ago

it doesn't matter who is responsible tbh developer or publisher... They just shouldn't exist.