Burnout tops chart for first time in 13 years

Burnout Paradise Remastered has earned the franchise its first chart top spot in over a decade.

The much-missed smash 'em-up racing series last hit number one with Burnout Revenge, back in 2005. However, Burnout's best ever week of launch sales still belongs to Burnout 3: Takedown back in 2004.

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NonShinyGoose211d ago

Eurogamer has made a mistake, I believe. The last Burnout to take no.1 was Burnout Paradise itself in 2008 - ten years ago. They claim that the last no.1 was 2005's Burnout Revenge.

AizenSosuke211d ago

Burnout will be successful.

Cobra951211d ago

This game is still a blast. I played the 360 BC version just recently (on the XOne), and it's so hard to put down after tearing through the streets for a while.

RosweeSon211d ago

Yeah the online I remember was incredible for it’s time really can’t wait to jump back in but being good and waiting for a price cut I can wait 🤔😜🤓✌&# 127995;🕹 amazing game tho

SonyStyled211d ago

Is the bc version different that the original copy launched last gen? I’ve never heard bc version before

michellelynn0976211d ago

Burnout and Kirby both did well.

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