Dead Space Shooter Will Shock You (Wired Review)

Review by Nate Ralph:

"I don't scare easily. It's not a machismo thing: I'm just not exactly unnerved by the monsters-in-the-closet scenarios that get recycled so often in horror-themed videogames.

But Dead Space started to get to me. I played this PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC shooter wearing headphones, with the lights off and the blinds drawn. The clanking machinery and the sounds of monsters scurrying through vents set the eerie tone. But what set me off was the whispering -- barely audible, manic whispering -- that reverberated down empty hallways and corridors.

Is someone still alive? Or is this just the onset of the dementia that reportedly plagued so much of the population of the abandoned spaceship I was exploring?

And then, someone started singing nursery rhymes.

Dead Space's story and atmosphere are well done. And it would have been enough to send me scampering to the safety of a brightly lit room, except for the fact that the production values couldn't make up for the uninspired gameplay."

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Nineball21123656d ago

One of the lower ratings I've seen for this game.

I'm still going to get it. :)