TGS 2009: Kojima Might Announce New Game At Next Year's TGS

Yet another Japanese game developer getting all down on the Japanese game industry. This time it's Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima bringing the negativity. In a talk at this year's Tokyo Game Show, Kojima said: "If you honestly compare Japanese games with Western ones, Japan has...

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MS Bribing3748d ago

Will MS bribe for Kojimas next game?

Beast_Master3748d ago

I mean Kojima is a perfectionist so I doubt he will want to release a game on a dead platform like the 360. And if he does then I hope he doesn't ruin MGS series by making it less the game it should be.

CrippleH3748d ago

Sony lend this guy the Killzone 2 engine for a PS3 exclusive please.

I wished MGS4 look good as Killzone 2. It was great regardless, but just imagine.

MrWonderful3748d ago

damnit! i want zone of the enders 3!!!!!!!!

SPECTER3748d ago

Zone of the Enders 3

Policenauts new or Remake

Snatcher new or Remake

Any of these 3 im happy.

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