One Limb Left: The Wii U Was The Best Thing To Happen To Nintendo

The Wii U may not have had the best success but it is an important console in Nintendo's family and is the best thing to happen to them.

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iofhua210d ago

I agree the Wii U was a learning experience for Nintendo. I hated the Wii's motion controls and absolutely refused to buy the new console with the touchscreen.

I have mixed feelings about the joycons. They don't look ergonomic at all, and the first thing I'll get for my Switch (it will be my next console) will be a classic controller. However I'm glad it's just thumbsticks and buttons. That's all a good controller should be.

I'm also psyched about using cartridges again, and playing all the Wii U ports I missed out on. Will be lots of fun.

Gameseeker_Frampt210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

"bi-monthly releases of first-party titles"

Unless the definition has changed, only releasing Kirby Star Allies for January, February, March, and April does not count as "bi-monthly."

Agree with the F-Zero comment though.

PhoenixUp210d ago

I’m pretty certain Nintendo didn’t feel that way during the console’s lifecycle

MMOBytes205d ago

The switch could have been the best thing that happened to the wii u considering the hardware is near identical.