ARK: Survival Evolved Coming to iOS and Android

Neocrisis - Studio Wildcard announced today an agreement with veteran mobile developer War Drum Studios (Bully, Grand Theft Auto, Auralux), to bring the entire ARK: Survival Evolved massively multiplayer survival experience to mobile devices.

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Ulitharid213d ago

Lol. Abysmal optimization on mobile? ok.

DarkVoyager213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

This game runs horrible on the most powerful consoles. I can only imagine it on mobile.

Not only is the optimization horrible the net code is crap also. You’re rubber banding half the time.

Ulitharid213d ago

yep, the devs are pure trash.

slate91213d ago

This baby should run like a dream

cpayne93213d ago

This shit barely works on the other platforms

Zjet213d ago

Now you can take unoptimized greenlight open world survival games on the go with even worse touch controls.

Tango_911213d ago

How about working with Microsoft to fix the game on Windows store first. Can't even download the damn thing