Format your old ps3 hdd into fat 32 using vista

Many people think Vista won't allow you to format an hdd into Fat32 for use with other devices, namely the Ps3. I'm here to dispell that myth and walk you through 10 "easy" steps in making your old Ps3 hard drive a viable device again. Note: this system works on XP, Vista and Vista 64bit.

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Bordel_19003655d ago

I wasn't aware you couldn't format fat32 in Vista, so this is quite nice.

thunder3655d ago

or you could go to and get a program that will do it for you.

Sarick3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

When I saw this I was thinking native no 3rd party tools. So this article is deceptive. I know about this method of formatting I even used it myself. So what's new about this concept. Just type "Format fat32 vista" in google.

A little research and this info is mentioned already. Just checked it does require a little more effort with MS spamming the search engines saying vista limits 32gb parsons to fat32.