Fortnite: Ninja Teaming up With Another Rapper for Another Battle Royale Stream

Ninja is once again back at it, streaming duos with yet another rapper.

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BLAKHOODe266d ago

Can't say I blame Ninja for making the most out of his 15 minutes. I'm sure he'll do fine after the Fortnite craze dies down, but it might be awhile until another game like Fortnite comes along that people would be interested in watching Ninja dominate. So, make that $$$ while you can.

Don't take this as hating, tho. I enjoy watching Ninja and other esport pros play. Some of them are not just amazing players, but are extremely entertaining to watch and it's a medium that continues to grow even after Fortnite.

IamTylerDurden1264d ago

Eww asf. I feel sorry for the sheep who support these clowns.Fml.

PurpHerbison264d ago

I'd rather see the celebrities stream than watch some random guy with the celebrities in his party.

Notellin264d ago

That's like saying you'd rather watch the Kardashians play a pickup game as apposed to the professionals who practice and perform at the highest levels the world has to offer.

Ninja is definitely not some random guy in the esports/streaming scene.

264d ago
PurpHerbison264d ago

The only reason he was getting 500k+ views is because of the celebrities. Don't know who Ninja is, don't care who he is. The attraction wasn't the Ninja guy at all.

Notellin264d ago

You still make no sense. He pulls in 100k viewers without anyone else playing with him. He pulled in 500k with Drake, Juju, and Travis Scott.

He has 200k subs paying 5$ a month to his stream. He brings in over 3+ million unique viewers a month.

It's like whenever a Philadelphia Eagles game gets 1 million viewers during the regular season, then 1 billion viewers for the super bowl. Different circumstances.

Juju was streaming at the same time and didn't have near the viewers. T-pain has streamed several times in the past and never got close to these numbers.

But it's pretty easy to see that streaming and esports aren't your thing so you're just trolling here.

PurpHerbison263d ago

Please save your terrible comparisons.

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