Toukiden 3, between the future plans of Omega Force

After the good feelings that came with the remarkable Toukiden 2, the Omega Force team in charge of this series has shown interest in working on a new chapter of the franchise, although they have recalled that at the moment they are developing a project that will be surprising, without offering more details.

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Rangerman12081037d ago

After the release of MH World, Omega Force has a lot to catch up. Toukiden 2 is pretty good but I just can't help but find the game just more or less the same. The open world feature needs a few more kinks and additions instead of just "collecting items" and "killing enemies". The combat also needs to be improved upon because while it is indeed fast, it can get pretty repetitive. I also wish that the story and characters will be better, because I found the characters in TK2 to be a bit less varied compared to TK1, and even then a lot of the characters were basically stereotypes.