AMD Makes a Big Dent in NVIDIA’s Graphics Business

The smaller rival is riding the cryptocurrency wave to shake NVIDIA's dominance in GPUs.

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jeb69267d ago

this is actually the more interesting part of the article "As AMD directly pursues business from the cryptocurrency miners by releasing specialized drivers and not placing any restrictions on sales"

CoolHandLuke267d ago

AMD are doing things right, can't say the same for Nvidia.

Neonridr267d ago

well Nvidia just keeps releasing powerful cards, not catering to a business that is ruining pricing for everyone..

KionicWarlord222267d ago

Nvidia has had more solid releases then Amd.

Where is Amds`s 1080ti competitor?

Its march 2018 and none in sight. But they got time for discrete gpu for cryptocurrency gains.

You cant make this stuff up.

jukins267d ago

Won't see a 1080ti rival for awhile likely 2019 or whenever they can achieve 7nm chips. I

SuperSonic91266d ago

Joining the winning Team PlayStation is that right move.

cigi266d ago

@SuperSonic912h your mother asks you to please take you medicine

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Genova84267d ago

Nvidia hasn't released a new card in over a year. Also, not sure if you can even find the 1080tis in stock. Nvidia is doing just fine.

porkChop266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

They don't need to release new cards when AMD can't even compete. When the Vega 64 released here in Canada, I bought a liquid cooled 1080Ti for cheaper. Like unless you have a freesync monitor, there is no reason to go with AMD right now.

masterfox266d ago

"AMD expanded a big to 33 % share , while NVIDIA commanding the rest.", I think it was a very small dent after all XD

cigi266d ago

Try to calculate that for the future... a 5% marketshare gain over one year is not at all a small dent. That means that AMD would overtake Nvidia in 3 years....

not that i believe that would happen, but with the growth now that would indicate it. So it is by nio means a small dent.

dunnyone266d ago

AMD's are excellent GPUs (for setting your house on fire).

FyBy266d ago

I wouldnt call it "big dent", but its good to see AMD is making money. That means better CPUs and GPUs for better money in the future.

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