Marseille mCable Gaming Edition review: hardware anti-aliasing from an HDMI cable?

Better picture quality is promised when using this HDMI cable, adding contextual anti-aliasing to anything passing through it - plus other image enhancements. From our tests it absolutely delivers, but for its high price, it's worth considering the pros and cons. Tom covers all the details - including the matter of input latency.

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Fragnum217d ago

This looks pretty good, especially for use with Switch Games (Docked) that tend to operate at lower resolutions.

I've watched quite a few reviews for this and have got to say that unlike a lot of products that claim to improve image quality but turn out to be nothing but "Snake Oil" the general consensus seems to be that this thing actually works and does a good job of smoothing out jaggies on lower res titles.

If only it wasn't quite so expensive... :/

Thanks for the submission.

fr0sty215d ago

I don't like the concept of applying AA to images after rendering, as you are reducing the image quality by doing so. You are blurring the edges instead of doing the wide variety of techniques used during the rendering process to make the edges not appear jagged while still retaining sharpness.

CoolHandLuke217d ago

Not a bad device, the price is a bit of a sore spot though.

AnotherProGamer215d ago

good thing I got mine cheap for like $60 on amazon

slavish0216d ago

Good for xbox ps4 and switch not pro or x. Doesn't do anything for hdr 4k

slavish0216d ago

Its a hdmi 1.4 cable too wish they had 2.1

kneon215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

As resolution increases, anti-aliasing makes less of a difference. If you have native 4k content then it would have less impact.

bluefox755215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

According to the things I've read, it actually works, much to my surprise.