Gamespot: Saints Row 2 Review

When the original Saints Row came out two years ago, it served to placate fans until Grand Theft Auto made its next-generation debut. Saints Row's deviant destruction didn't push the boundaries of what to expect from a free-roaming urban assault game, but it did provide an enjoyable outlet for consequence-free chaos while never taking itself too seriously. Since then, Grand Theft Auto IV has injected a dose of maturity into its typical sandbox fare, removing many of its outlandish behaviors to create a more grounded portrayal of the gangster lifestyle. Saints Row 2 is not concerned with growing up.

The Good:
+ Satisfying combat
+ Tons of variety
+ Zombie Uprising is awesome
+ Co-op mode is a blast
+ You can throw people 20 feet.

The Bad:
- Friendly AI is frustratingly stupid
- Multiplayer is forgettable.

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