Nintendo Switch: Still Worth It A Year In?

The Nintendo Switch surprised everyone during its phenomenal release, however, some are still relativity hesitant on the console. So, should you buy a Nintendo Switch a year after release? Is it still worth it?

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FallenAngel1984217d ago

When does a quality console ever stop being “worth it?”

SpaceRanger217d ago

As an investment, it would be when it doesn’t have a consistent flow of quality games.

Thankfully, Switch is a console that is NOTHING close to that definition. Honestly it’s one of the best consoles I’ve ever owned.

JaguarEvolved216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

"Nintendo Switch: Still Worth It A Year In?"

No it's not worth it unless you're a child or barely plays video games. Majority of the people who would say yes are fanatics and would say Nintendo also has an amazing line-up for this year also when we know that majority of what's been announced are ports. Some of the big titles most fanatics are expecting for the switch are smash brothers, metroid, probably a star fox and a lot of ports of old games and they'll continue to say the switch is amazing when it barely has any games compared to the other consoles released in same time frame.

I've been waiting for compelling games for switch or announcements but still haven't seen anything of interest. After a bunch of Nintendo directs all they've managed to do is illustrate what a waste of time the switch is. I know most people who thinks the switch is a good system are children or people who owns one or two consoles but Because I have all the consoles and a pc it's easily the worse console I've owned in years.

I know some fanatics will be upset over my opinion because I don't care much for the same old franchises Nintendo has been releasing for over 4 decades Mario and Zelda, I think the switch has had a terrible first year. The best games fanatics will rave about are Zelda and mario for switch and I think those games are boring and uninteresting for adults who are gamers but can hold the interest of children or casual gamers. To each his own


Old McGroin216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

@ JaguarEvolved

Back in your hole, troll. Might want to invest in some English grammar classes while you're at it.

zackeroniii216d ago

im guessing the downvotes are from salty xboks fans tisk tisk tisk

wonderfulmonkeyman217d ago

I've owned several Sony consoles [PS2, PS3, and even a PSP at one point, though I only had the PSP for Castlevania.XD], and most Nintendo consoles, and once you've built up a backlog of games on a console that you know you'll want to keep coming back to, a console never truly loses its value.
I mean, unless the next one has native backwards compatibility, but then that's just a progression from one system to the next for the sake of being able to continue playing your old games even if your old system dies, not an abandonment of the backlog you've built.

Aceman18216d ago

Sure it's worth it, why not

Heelix217d ago

Probably the best first year ever on any console in terms of games.

Neonridr217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

I would say it's worth it more now.. I mean look at the library available to someone who buys now vs someone who had one day 1.

yomfweeee216d ago

So, just what console exactly wouldn't that argument apply to?

Neonridr216d ago

technically none.. but since people were so uncertain of its future before it released I think Nintendo did a bang up job with its first year. And I can't wait to see what comes next..

welly300216d ago

If Nintendo games are your thing.ill pass for now still a nice bit of kit. I still prefer to play 3rd party games on xbox or ps4.

Ristul216d ago

I love my switch, so yes.

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The story is too old to be commented.