The Switch 5.0 Update is a Reminder that Hacking Only Hurts

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

Nintendo's 5.0 firmware update for the Switch did a lot to stop hackers in their tracks. The company clearly isn't messing around this time.

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Aceman18218d ago

It's just gonna go back and forth between them lol.

mikeslemonade218d ago

I like my games free. Go hackers!

MikePWV218d ago

Get lost. Piracy is not the answer.

mkis007218d ago

have fun with your micro-transactions

Newmanator217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Rebel scum you are

dantesparda217d ago

The only thing this is a reminder of is just how bad and lame Nintendo is at this (fw updates).

ZaWarudo218d ago

It's not going to stop them with the current chip. That's probably what the (speculation) Switch revision is for, a more secure chip.

DillyDilly218d ago

It might delay but wont stop whats coming

DillyDilly218d ago

The fact that the original lower firm wares got hacked quickly means the newer ones are next

Avengerz43218d ago

I won't be updating, the potential of a hacked switch is pretty awesome. I can't wait to hack mine. A GameCube emulator on the go?? Yes please.

Cobra951217d ago

You won't be able to play newer games without updating. Even older games can be updated to require newer firmware, so you'd have to get them used if you don't have them already, to play on a hacked firmware.

Avengerz43217d ago

There's always a bypass around that, going back to when my 360 and even my Wii was hacked they tried similar tricks of putting firmware updates on the discs and the hacking community quickly found ways around that. It's never been a problem and will never be one.

Servbot41217d ago

That has literally never stopped piracy before. You simply strip the update data out of the game file.

PCgamer98218d ago

Funny how I was downvoted on the other thread about 5.0.0 new security might be causing more issues with third party docks when now even nintendo enthusiast mentions about it. Spawnwave has been using his nyko dock for months and never had issues with it until updating to 5.0.0 which then brick his switch.

Shiken218d ago

Nyko docks were bricking Switches long before 5.0.0 though, so how does his getting bricked right after the update prove to be anything more than coincidence?

I mean if it was never a problem before, then sure it would be suspect. However Nyko docks have had known issues from the start, so I find it hard to believe there is a connection between the two.

AKR217d ago

There is a connection. Spawn Wave, who was mentioned in the article, did a video review on the dock a few months ago. He's been using it without any issues until the update. He said that after using the dock for just an hour on the new firmware, it killed his Switch. While it's true the Nyko Dock already had issues, it didn't affect everyone. Now it is, along with just about every other third party dock out there.

Cobra951217d ago

Why would the Nyko dock brick anything? It's one thing to simply not work. But if it kills the system, there's something very wrong there to begin with.

PCgamer98217d ago

Spawnwave also said that the issue isn't only isolated to nyko docks alone but he's also receiving reports that it also affects other third party docks where it also brick their system after updating to 5.0.0.

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The story is too old to be commented.