Telltale Adaptations We’d Love To See

It’s always exciting to see what books or movies Telltale are tackling next. Here’s our wish-list of things we’d like to see on their slate.

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BlackIceJoe213d ago

After playing their Batman series I personally want Superman next. It would be interesting if in a few levels you even play as Clark Kent being a reporter and getting the scoop on what is going on, then have him change into Superman to stop the criminals.

213d ago
Sonyslave3213d ago

I say wonderwowan or greenlatern or better yet doctor strange.

Fist4achin213d ago

Thats a pretty solid list. I know i will get down voted, but I could do without star trek or x files as they are churning out so much entertainment right now. I think disc world, tin tin, and vampire would be badass.