Why You Should Play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild From Your Backlog

BacklogCritic: "Breath of the Wild is both the opposite of a Zelda game and perhaps the most Zelda game in the entire series. It maximizes the series’ best mechanics while also completely subverting elements that were once considered staple traits of the franchise. What’s more, the experience you have is truly your own. You can play it in 20 hours and feel satisfied, or easily sink in 60 hours and still feel like you haven’t seen enough. It’s an all-encompassing, massive game filled with delight and challenge, and is worth making time for."

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Zeldafan64310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Why would this be in anyone's backlog? If u have this game and the system it's on it should be your top priority. I've put over 550 hours into this gem and haven't even come close to 100% completion.

ObviousGoldfish310d ago

Pretty pathetic. 550 and not close to 100%

SoulMikeY310d ago

It’s fun just to run around in that game, how is that pathetic? lol

And if you own a switch, it was never in your backlog...

Zeldafan64310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Like SoulMikey said. I'd say close to half my time in BotW has been spent just wondering around aimlessly not trying to accomplish anything.

I shouldn't say not trying to accomplish anything. I want to accomplish things, it's just not a priority.

mikeslemonade310d ago

nope made it past two dungeons and i had enough. It's just a walking and climbing simulator. With box puzzles.

joab777310d ago

This is NOT a backlog game. I can understand how many may not have played it at launch without a Switch or because of Horizon or P5. But you buy a Switch to play this game. It isn’t sitting on many shelves unopened.

hardmankensington309d ago

Sitting in mine. Played for 2 hours and got bored but I know I want to go back to it at some point.

monkey602310d ago

I've only played for 9 hours. I can't get into it at all. The lack of direction kills me. A huge open world where I see no landmarks or anything of significance. I'm fighting the same few enemies constantly and the narrative is so paper thin I'm not getting gripped by it at all.
I probably just need to knuckle down with it and focus. The game has some great mechanics.
I just always end up playing Splatoon or Mario kart instead

Xenophon_York310d ago

Ridiculous. Flagged for 'lame.'

Xenophon_York310d ago

One of the more desperate articles that's crossed the N4G feed.

zb1ftw777310d ago

Anyone who owns this game and actually has it classified as a backlog game should be truly ashamed of themselves.

When you buy a game of this calibre, it doesn't become second best to any other game unless there is something wrong with you.

GamesMaster1982310d ago

My god how many why you should play so so game from your back log articles . Here’s is one reason because you spent money on the game . That’s the only reason I need .

chris235310d ago

these so called backlog critics are really a sign of the times. why would a group of dudes concentrate on dead bodies? they are like vultures. everything these dudes are reviewing had already been reviewed.

like the remaster- and reheat-craze of this gen there are also bloggers who got nothing to blog about so they pull all the old titles out again and write something about it. in order to receive a little bit of revenue from clicks.

i don‘t have enough thumbs i would want to point down. this is patheticness redefined.

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