Mole: It's No PSP2, But A "PSP Fix"

Last week, a Kotakuite contacted, bringing word of a PSP focus group in New York City. Sony sent out preliminary questions that were centered on the PSP, how it was used, etc. The feeling was that the company was focus testing for a PSP2. Their reader just got back from the focus group. Bad news: doesn't seem like Sony is planning a PSP2 anytime soon, but rather something the company is calling "PSP Fix". Moreover, there was talk of "iTunes like" downloadable content. It being a focus group, that's pretty much what the dealio was: talk. Hit the jump for what he had to say.

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schnodder5476d ago

who needs a PSP if there's a DS lite?

DC RID3R5476d ago

i know why sony want to fix the psp. new stats show that the ds is now selling at a ratio of 6:1 vs's the psp, and that margin is only going to get wider and wider!!! what sony need to do is, instead of trying to fix up the psp, thay need to fix up themselves as a company as they just seem to be getting battered by nintendo and microsoft left,right,and center!!!
fix up sony!!!!!!show some balls!!!!!!!!!
your reminding everybody of that tyson vs lewis fight!!!!!!!!!!
fix up,or get the f*ck outta dodge, only bad-boys reside round here!!!!!!!!!!!

PS360PCROCKS5476d ago

well ok number 2...but yea the ds lite is killing and will continue to kill the psp, it's kid friendly, and I have said this all along, kids play games to its why the wii will be so popular this christmas, espescially for parents since it's cheaper

OutLaw5476d ago

There is no way I would buy another one. I already purchase 3. Because I wasn't to sure if it would turn out to be good or not. The other two I sold because of to many movies and not enough games. But the one I purchased now was because I figure since they're not making any more movies maybe they would start concentrating on the games. Only time will tell.

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