Sonic the Hedgehog Puma Sneakers Announced

Sega has announced a new Sonic the Hedgehog-branded pair of shoes.
The new pair of kicks is coming via a new partnership with shoemaker Puma. Here’s a teaser at the probably expensive and super-limited sneakers.

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Fragnum267d ago

Not my cup of tea either, but I can see these becoming something of a collectors item and increasing exponentially in value if you store them in the box for a few years.

mikeslemonade266d ago

Definitely will get them and wear them.

Sam Fisher267d ago

Wait are the pixelated like the game, or they hiding it with censorship?

strayanalog267d ago

They're pixelated, or something got lost in the Hedgehog and Puma translation... of course there's option three: stroke.

Tres21267d ago

They're hiding it. Its a teaser pic so it just looks really pixelated in the pic

Segata267d ago

No, they said they will reveal what they look like later.

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IamTylerDurden1267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

If the shoe actually looks pixilated like that it's pretty impressive, but my guess is that it won't. I dig the idea but the classic Sonic shoe in pixilated form would've been the real deal. I'm all for these gaming related shoes bc it advertises the culture, the recent PlayStation/Nike PG shoe was nice.

-Foxtrot267d ago

Why not just replicate Sonic’s shoes he has on

Fragnum267d ago


Good point well made.

link2Dpast267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Those actually already exist. It's the retro ones with the gold clamp in front. There like vans, no laces. I think there only available in EU and CA and Japan. Seen a guy on my Instagram post them couple of months ago

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Scatpants267d ago

I like em. I guess they'll probably be too expensive to actually buy though.

Kosic267d ago

Looks like it's made out of Lego.

I'd much rather the PlayStation shoe that was released recently.

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The story is too old to be commented.