Epic Disable Fortnite Matchmaking After Popularity Boom

Can you blame Epic for struggling to keep up with the Fortnite demand?

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slate91216d ago

This is awesome. Always good to see games doing so well.

IamTylerDurden1215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Yea, at the expense of Paragon..

Epic dumped Paragon while it was still in early access because they only care about Fortnite, it's sad.

Such a waste of money by Sony to sign a deal for Paragon and the shame of it is that Paragon is built on beautiful bones, the game had potential. Paragon could've bridged the moba gap to console players but Epic bailed. Instead of closing servers they should've simplified the game and done away with the card system.

thekhurg215d ago

LOL - the MOBA market didn't have room for Paragon. It was never really popular, had cheaters on PC, and was a drain on Epic's development team.

Blizzard hasn't even been able to make Heroes of the Storm anywhere near as popular as the other big MOBAs, and they essentially control every genre they enter. It was wise for Epic to bail, and go all out on the battle arena genre while they could.

slate91215d ago

Paragon just didnt catch on lol. Obviously It just wasnt a game that would financially viable. Not saying its bad, but it didnt have mass appeal.
I woulda dumped paragon too for the highest streamed game on the internet right now...

IamTylerDurden1215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

You guys have no clue. Paragon wasn't given a chance to succeed, the game was announced in 2015, Fortnite was announced in 2011. Epic announced they were shutting Paragon down before the game even got out early access.

Epic themselves admitted to taking resources from Paragon and putting them into Fortnite. They literally said that Paragon and Paragon development suffered due to Fortnite.

Do you know how long it took to get Fortnite to where it is now? Epic announced Fortnite in 2011, it took years for Fortnite to get where it is. There was an alpha in 2014. People thought Fortnite was dropped many times because of how long it took. Epic gave Fortnite a chance to succeed, they iterated on it for years and hired Ten Cent specifically for it. They had People Can Fly working on it for years. They willed it to success over years of iteration and effort.

Disagree if you want, but it's fact that Paragon suffered because of Fortnite. It's a shame.

BLAKHOODe216d ago

I think I've put more weeks worth of hours in Fortnite than any other game ever. More money, too, buying cosmetics. Crazy addictive!

Thatguy-310216d ago

The cosmetics are so expensive but like you said it's addicting when purchasing them. The more I see other players with cool cosmetics the more inclined I get to buy them. I'm guilty of falling into their trap lol Kudos for the other players that play with the default skins lol

InTheZoneAC216d ago

stop being addicted to cosmetics

BLAKHOODe216d ago

I don't mind spending money in Fortnite, though. For one, the game is free. You can earn your v-bucks back and more purchasing a Battle Pass. But the biggest reason for me is that I've already devoted hundreds of hours playing it and fresh cosmetics helps keep it interesting for me. I've spent $60 on games I didn't play for more than an hour. So, what's a few hundred $$$ (About $250 currently between founders and cosmetics) on a game I'll play for well over a thousand hours?

bluefox755216d ago

It's a free game, so I have no problem with people buying cosmetics, it actually supports the game (which is FREE). It's when MTs get tacked onto full price games that I start to take issue.

FITgamer216d ago

I've put quite a bit of time into it, but have only only dropped $10, which has been enough for 2 battle passes so far. Currently have 1200 v-bucks that I'll put towards the next battle pass. Would be willing spend more if the cosmetics weren't at extortionate prices.

Thatguy-310216d ago

That they are!!!!! I remember in uncharted 4 10$ would get me a few skins and a few taunts whereas in Fortnite they don't even get me ONE cool skin or a cool taunt.

rainslacker216d ago

Apparently you're not alone. I noticed that 4 of the top five PSN store downloads were v-bucks packages.

Thatguy-310216d ago

I mean with the popularity that this game has achieved I'm not surprised ppl are buying points for the cosmetics. I'm curious to know how much money epic is making from cosmetics alone.

rainslacker216d ago

Fortnite was doing pretty well even before they made a BG mode. I don't know about the MT stuff though, because I never paid attention to that stuff much. I was just browsing the store yesterday seeing what the sales were and it stood out since there were so many of them in the add-ons section.

Epic usually does pretty well with it's games. They have quite a large following. Things like Fortnite didn't really rise up the ranks in comments on console, but since PUBG became some console war thing, it got a new breath in discovery potential, since people keep talking about it. The constant comparisons, along with enough articles saying that it is even better(subjective and I take no stance), means that people were going to try it...particularly since it's F2P.

Dragonscale215d ago

@blak fair enough its your cash. Not for me personally but they are optional in a free to play game so spend away lol.

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PurplePeopleEaters216d ago

I can never win.. I’ve been #2 many times.. I need to git gudder.

Doabarrelroll216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

300+ wins in squad
10 duo wins
5 solo wins

And I’m far from bored this is my new favorite multiplayer game after I get bored of playing thru my backlog

BeOpenMinded216d ago

Now update save the world. I'm probably shouting into an echo chamber with that

Aenea215d ago

They've been gradually changing StW as well and more is planned for the coming weeks. Looking forward to the better backpack stacking (200 instead of 99 of most materials for one which essentially will cut my backpack's fullness in half!). Have a look at the dev updates!

BeOpenMinded214d ago

I haven't seen a good roadmap for the campaign but may search around a little bit. I badly want a different style map for canny valley, was such a huge bummer after being so proud of myself to move on only to realize nothing changes with a new area. Will look into it though, haven't heard the backpack tidbit so I guess I'm out the loop

antz1104215d ago

This! Support the game I PAID FOR.

kowan215d ago

They do update it. They just did so with the latest update.

Aenea214d ago

Yeah, it's really weird when you do your storm shield defense for the first time in Canny Valley and then afterwards it still looks like Stonewood!

They really need to change that soon and add a tad of 'story' to the quests. They will tho, but they want to make QoL updates and bugfixes first.

How long has it been since you played? You know about the hoverboard, right? And about the crafting you can now do on your 'homebase' screen (outside of missions)? When I started I never understood why I only could craft ammo and new weapons during a mission, having to stand still while there's a possibility of being attacked.

Also with the next update coming this week they will introduce a new enemy type which is also much needed.

BeOpenMinded214d ago

I like your idea of some story mode additions...that and a new map would be fantastic. Seeing the same maps and assets for more than 100hrs is taking it's toll. This is the big thing for me.

I play daily but the more time that passes I wonder when the immense popularity and resources will be translated to STW. Granted the QOL changes have been much needed and I like them but still feels like an afterthought to the other play mode.

First I'm hearing of a new enemy though, very good :)

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