Sonic Mania coming to retail as Sonic Mania Plus, new playable characters and Encore Mode

During its official panel at SXSW today, SEGA announced that Sonic Mania will be receiving a physical version.

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Princess_Pilfer218d ago

YEAH. More Sonic Friends. The people who love 2d sonic love those! That's exactly what I wanted.

Wait, no it isn't.

TenkoTAiLS217d ago

People generally hate NEW Sonic friends. Say that they should be utilizing what they have better rather than making new characters to fill roles existing ones could. These aren't new, they are both from the early 90's games, fit well with the classic era and haven't been used in 20 years or more. Way I see it they are finally listening.

-Foxtrot218d ago


So some of us bought the Collectors Edition, was told it can only be a download code and yet this crap happens

Bit of a slap to the face to day 1 buyers of the collectors edition paying that much

Relientk77218d ago


I'll be picking it up now, been waiting for physical edition. The reversible Genesis cover looks awesome!

isarai218d ago

SWEET! planned on getting it day 1 but other things just kept coming out and taking my money, luckily so seeing as how i prefer physical. Only thing that has me worried is it doesn't say which platform.

PhoenixUp218d ago

I can’t wait to see how the 4 player multiplayer mode is implemented

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The story is too old to be commented.