CSM: Saints Row 2 review

CSM Writes:

"The bulk of the action involves hijacking cars and driving through a large city en route to criminal missions that range from trafficking drugs to ferrying prostitutes to dispatching rival gangs. If it sounds a lot like the Grand Theft Auto(GTA) games, that's because it is. But it has several traits that distinguish it from Rockstar Games' popular franchise, for both better and worse. Example: Whereas GTA protagonists typically have complex motives and are sometimes conflicted about their evil acts, Saints Row 2's main characters are basically one-dimensional bad guys. Their only driving force is personal gain and the growth of their gang. It would have been nice to play as a character with just a hint of scruples. Still, Saints Row 2 does do some interesting things in character creation. Players have the ability to customize the appearance of their avatar, changing body type, facial features, race, and even gender. Playing as a tough as nails woman gangster with several hardboiled men under her command is a strange -- but not unappreciated -- step towards gender equality in a genre in which women more often than not are relegated to the role of prostitute or nagging girlfriend."

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