CSM: Game Party 2 review

CSM Writes:

"The first thing most players will notice about Game Party 2 is how simple it is to start playing. Menus are uncomplicated, providing straightforward, efficient instructions and quick access to all game modes. What's more, all of the games are remarkably easy to learn. Game options include: Lawn Darts, Skill Ball, Hoop Shot, Trivia, Darts, Puck Bowling, Horseshoes, Shuffleboard, QB Challenge, Ping Cup, and Beanbags. Instructions typically consist of a single screen that shows a diagram of a hand holding a Wii remote in before and after positions. Darts, for example, requires players to hold the remote like a real dart while pressing the A-button, then make a throwing motion. This shallow learning curve applies to all of the games, whether they involve tossing beanbags, sliding pucks, or shooting baskets.

While the activities are uniformly easy to learn, many are surprisingly challenging to master. Getting the right amount of force for shuffleboard and horseshoes takes time and practice, as does getting your aim just right in darts and puck bowling. And with multiple variations on several of the games -- there are five different ways to play darts, for example -- the chances of players growing bored after just a few plays are remote. Toss in the new tournament functionality, which lets up to 16 people take turns playing in a variety of multi-game modes, including best-of series, head-to-head challenges, and marathon length winner-moves-on matches, and you have an almost perfect party game for big family shindigs."

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