Science Finds Once Again That Violent Video Games Don't Turn People Into Rage Monsters

A new study published this week in Nature journal Molecular Psychology provides a well-timed rebuttal to the weary trope—occasionally alluded to by President Trump and others in the wake of mass shootings—that violent video games are causing real-life mayhem.

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CheapGamer2112220d ago

The Trump House won't like this one.

Xenophon_York220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

It'll probably try to push for the death penalty—like it's trying to do with "drug dealers"—for any game developer who publishes a game deemed a 'gateway to mass violence.'

EDIT: Because, you know: The only thing that stops violence is more violence.

CheapGamer2112218d ago

Exactly. Banning violent games won't make America great again.

cheetorb219d ago

[email protected] politicians turn people into rage monsters