Have EA Sports Admitted Defeat?

FIFA 18 has been dying a death for quite a while now, with many pro players quitting the game. EA have just announced an update to hopefully keep people playing.

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Myst-Vearn219d ago

what a ridiculous article. Just because 'pro players' are not playing it doesn't mean the game is dying. Thousands still online just as many as previous FIFAs and many are playing Ultimate Team and paying money through that mode. you don't judge how well a game is doing by the amount of pro player it got and streamers.

Smitty2020219d ago

They could add more too the game every year they r changing a small part of the game or making minor improvements

PapaBop219d ago

Why add more when you can basically release the same game each year and not only sell millions but make stupid amounts of money through MTs for doing basically nothing? The sad truth but the large majority of Fifa's budget goes into the marketing.

glenn1979219d ago

Imagen if EA burn to the ground i won't miss a thing from them

Diesel888219d ago

They have scammed too many people with their pay to win gambling mechanics. No one likes to play a game where you just keep loosing money on top of playing full price for the FIFA game. I hope 2018 is the end of gambling loot boxes/packs which are really manipulative and addictive. Best thing to do is not buy the game or kick the gambling addiction asap, you will save a lotttt of money and time.

Spartacus10219d ago

I played fifa after a couple of months off and I actually like the changes to the gameplay.
Passing isnt over-powered. Closing down players with the ball actually matters and it will affect the quality of their pass, just like in real life. The player in possession of the ball actually has to use their brain now.

What disappointing is that they havent gone far enough. Players with shit build-up play are still rewarded. When they shoot from long distance, the chance of being rewarded with either a goal or a corner kick is way to high. When shit players can do nothing but try their luck from an impossible angle, again the chances of getting a corner is way too high.
They need to add the possibility of the goal keeper deflecting the ball away from his goal and setting up a counter attack for his team. That way crap players wont just shoot from anywhere knowing that they will almost certainly be rewarded.

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