Out of Eight: Hinterland Review

Out of Eight writes: "The seemingly vogue (strike a pose) thing to do these days is to combine different genres into one gaming product. There have been a number of recent titles that have attempted to bridge the genre gap: Loco Mogul, Savage 2, Depths of Peril, and SpellForce 2 (OK, maybe not that recent) just to name a few. Now that we have solid games in pretty much every genre, it's time to expand our horizons by uniting genres in a pact of success. Hinterland (from the German meaning "land of hinter") is a action role-playing game in the tradition of Diablo that has added city management to the equation. This is not surprising since the developer is Tilted Mill, who is responsible for unleashing Children of the Nile and SimCity Societies on the world. How will the introduction of city building elements change up the typical hack-and-slash action role-playing game?"

The Good:
+Interesting integration of city management into an action RPG,
+Variety of town occupations to recruit
+Lots of loot to enhance combat and production
+Randomized maps
+Low price

The Not So Good:
-Repetitive plain combat
-Oversimplified resource collection
-Shallow resource-gathering quests
-Uninspired graphics
-Needs a tutorial or more descriptive manual for the nuances
-Lacks cooperative multiplayer

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