The Insider #36 – Shadow of The Tomb Raider Revealed

After a long 18months of leaks, rumours and intense speculation, Square-Enix has lightly lifted the lid off Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and in this weeks entry of The Insider, Paul is breaking down what we know

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Tdiddy2x213d ago

This guy is the worst...

SpamnJam213d ago

seemed alright to me. At least he is having a crack and not bitching and moaning on a community forum hey....

Footyspacecadet213d ago

A little plain perhaps but hardly the worst. I much prefer this style of YT over the "HEY GUYS LOVE ME SUB CLICK LIKE DUDES" garbage that seems to be popular.

Tdiddy2x213d ago

Bet he beat off to Tomb Raider 2 a lot

JoeBloggs213d ago

dude just because you did doesn't mean everyone did.