Sonic and the Black Knight new pictures


We have just received some new pictures straight from SEGA for their new title Sonic and the Black Knight.

This game definitely looks like a must for all you Sonic fans!

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condorstrike3658d ago

wow if those are in game graphics then is gonna be sweet, it looks better than Sonic unleashed.
Sweet graphics hopefully gameplay is good also.

nightmareluffy13658d ago

It looks like some or at least one of his brawl moves is in the game. The downward kick. I'm gonna have to give this a game a spin when it's released.

Elven63658d ago

Then again, weren't people saying Sonic the Headghog looked amazing as well?

Mahr3657d ago

I think a lot of people are trying to do their best to forget that game ever existed. I know I am.