Next Free PC Game Available Now From Origin

The survival management game Dead in Bermuda is Origin's next On the House game, and it's available to download for free right now for a limited time.

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SunnyZ218d ago

Too bad its on origin... I like to keep my PC Aids free.

FalloutWanderer2077218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Took a longtime to finally install it, but between the free game giveaways + 'Origin-only' games I had to give in. Have not used it much but from what I've read, it has improved, so has Uplay. Look, I'd prefer to have all games be DRM-free and/or have all my games on one platform, in my case, either GOG or Steam. Steam is further ahead with features but there's the DRM, GOG Galaxy is slowly getting there, but still a few years off probably.

jaymacx218d ago

Yeah GOG is awesome. Especially for older games like Crysis.

FinalFantasyFanatic218d ago

I prefer GOG, I just wish it had the latest and greatest titles available, it's their selection that kills it for me, I just use Steam begrudgingly.

FPSFox218d ago

Everyone likes steam because it's convenient and the norm, but truth be told, their customer service sucks and it has for years. The day you get your account hacked and need assistance from them in getting it back is the day you're without your games for literal weeks.

I know if EA didn't have competition they'd be cancer just like everything else they do, but as it stands right now, they aren't that bad of a service.

killswitch80218d ago

well that's too bad you are too much of a stickler that you are going to miss A Way Out next week.

rpvenom218d ago

I hate you EA.. but at the same time.. thank you for giving the industry a wake up call on MT's.. We haven't completed vanquished it but thanks to your greed, we are making steps towards it.