Players Say Xbox Game Pass Glitch Is Stopping Them From Playing Some Games

Xbox Game Pass is supposed to enable Xbox owners to play more games, not less. Unfortunately, over the last few days, some Xbox One owners have reported being unable to play certain games they own due to an error with Game Pass, a problem Microsoft has confirmed it’s looking into.

_-EDMIX-_2016d ago

So people still think renting games is the future? This is one of the biggest reasons why digital is an issue because all it takes is one glitch for your entire library to be unplayable....

timotim2016d ago

Do you subscribe to the Playstation Network to play games online?

blackblades2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Point is?

gangsta_red2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

There's been outages and other issues with online this gen but funny enough they always get resolved and rather quickly. Why renting games digitally somehow presents more of a risk is strange.

_-EDMIX-_2016d ago

I do for online games that actually require internet connections which is actually irrelevant to the point

I'm sorry but if you have a service that is requiring you to stay online simply to play even single player games good luck with that situation when your internet goes out or they have a bunch of issues.

There's no issue that Sony or Nintendo could have on there and regarding their servers that would stop me from playing my single player games...

gangsta_red2016d ago

Edmix, what happens if a tornado, or even worse a sharknado barrels through your house and destroys your single player games?

Point is these issues never seem to be of concern with 98% of everyday gaming.

Rimeskeem2016d ago

Yah, if it doesn’t work at least I can still play the games.

shiva12016d ago


Don't point

ThanatosDMC2016d ago

Lol... Sharknado! Then it's GG no Re.

TheCommentator2015d ago


What is PS Now, if not a requirement to be hooked up online to play single player games?

Besides, you're talking about a glitch that MS is fixing on their new service, not PS plus members having their credit card information stolen...

rainslacker2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )


If a tornado rips through your house, you'll have(or at least should have) insurance to replace them. If a server goes down forever, no insurance.

However, more in the vein of the conversation....the chance of a tornado or natural or unnatural catastrophe hitting your home are pretty slim, whereas an internet outage is guaranteed to happen, and will probably happen often. May not always be a nuisance, but no consumer level internet service has 100% up time. Heck, I was on Time Warner for almost a year, and I couldn't go a week without my internet being down for at least 8 hours at a time every single week. Got better when I switched to ATT, now it kind of sucks again that I live in a more remote location, but not as bad as TW was.

However, all that said...renting games isnt that big of a deal online. Seems the best way to do digital really, since it's cheap(or should be), and more than likely, you wouldn't have an outage....although it would suck if you had one during some timed rental. Buying though...I still wouldn't buy a full priced game digitally. But if it's cheap, and I know I'll play it soon, why not? I don't mind saving some money or playing games.

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TheColbertinator2016d ago

You got a point there. If my online or Live goes off,my gaming library is more limited.

However I have Resident Evil 7 and Skyrim SE on physical disc to play in my offline time.

_-EDMIX-_2016d ago

As you're right too

it's why I never mess with services like that that basically keep me hostage online to play single-player content I own.

x_xavier_x2016d ago

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

gangsta_red2016d ago

"[Update - 7:55pm] A new statement from a Microsoft spokesperson says the issue has so far only affected one person"

I think I'll take my chances with renting digital games

2016d ago
Gh05t2016d ago

Yes we should never try anything new again because something bad might happen and you could be inconvenienced.


roland822016d ago

Do people think electricity is the future? All it takes is one glitch and your whole house is unlivable.

NotoriousWhiz2015d ago

Screw electricity. I don't want my food to spoil so I dig 6 feet holes in the ground and keep my food in there.

TheCommentator2015d ago

@ Notorious

I only keep certain relatives in 6 foot holes in the ground, but they don't need food anymore so it's all good.

Cy2016d ago

Lucky for you, physical media is going to be around for a while yet. You know how you can tell? Because despite the massive popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, DVDs and blu-rays are still sold in stores. This all digital nightmare where, maybe once or twice a year, people can't access their games because of a glitch or outage that is usually fixed in a matter of hours won't come to pass for a long time yet, if ever in our lifetimes.

maybelovehate2016d ago

Cancelling netflix, hulu, amazon etc.. you have convinced me. or not lol

bahabeast2015d ago

stuff happens. this can be fixed, what if you house is hit by a tornado and all of your belongings are destroyed???

Z5012015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I was going to respond to timotim below, but he does have a point. The issue isn't digital. The issue is needing a constant connection. Even single player games.

If i'm playing a single player game on PSNOW, this issue would still exist.
*We should all already know this stuff though.

JackBNimble2015d ago

Digital is not the issue, it's the service that is.
I buy digital only and even when the internet is NOT connected I can still play ALL my games.

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vikingland12016d ago

UPDATE: It's one person so far,lol.

ratedviper2016d ago

Renting games is not a good idea, until glitches are fix, hackers dont get in the way of gaming, or worst yet a power outlet for days(or eternity) and riches comes to all people, most of us wont be able to afford nor play it. Not only you have to have good connection but it eats away your data. I see this more of a con than a pro on this subject. If you ask me i rather own my copy then renting, you never know when you wanna feel nostalgic. And think of it this way when you broke at least you have something that you own to play lol. The main problem i see is power problems, you pay for renting but what happens when there is no power for a long time. No one can guarantee there is gonna be electricity forever.