Toys R Us Closing End of an Era: My Favorite Gaming Memories

With Toys R Us Closing its doors for good, analysis are chiming in on what was the final nail on the coffin for the toy giant. It marks the end of an era when gamers once went to places like Sears, Kmart, Toy R Us, and Blockbusters for their gaming needs. Bad Bit Games host Joseph, will dive into his fondest gaming memories, and how Toys R Us helped foster a love for games.

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MoonConquistador217d ago

Never got any video games from Toys r Us but they did have the best Lego trainset setup I'd ever seen when I were a laddie.

Long time ago that was 😒

Vectrexer217d ago

Toys R Us has nostalgic gaming and work memories for me. I purchased A Vectrex when it came out, also Commodore 64 games and accessories.
I worked there the year the NES was released we sold out of the NES everyday for the month of December that year!

ion666217d ago

I remember taking trips to toys r us to buy tekken 3 on ps 1. Ibdont have internet back then to see if a game was delayed. Had to go back like 3 times. In the end tekken is 1 of the best games I ever played.

P_Bomb217d ago

Still take my kids there, even just to window shop like I did as a kid. Looking for new DC imaginext figures that toys r us never stocks. Don’t know about the states but up here, we rarely get new waves of anything. Their own fault for not having competitive pricing or merchandise. Buncha bollocks

meka2611217d ago

Why do I have the suspicion that walmart might have something to do with this? We are losing all kinds of stores like toys r us and kmart, and I feel like walmart has a part in it.

Elda217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Walmart,Target & online shopping has everything to do with Toys r Us closing. Most folks do their toy shopping at those stores & Amazon.

meka2611216d ago

Yea very good point, it still kinda sucks. I still remember getting games at children's palace when I was young. Got my first nintendo from there.

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The story is too old to be commented.