PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox Hits the 5 Million Player Mark


This week we’re celebrating yet another milestone for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on Xbox One: we have now passed 5M players. We’re very excited that the community continues to grow – reaching over 5 million players in less than 3 months is a major accomplishment and we’re happy so many of you are enjoying the game.

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gangsta_red2086d ago

Congrats, game is addicting but at the same time nerve racking. Still no chicken dinner for me. May have to put down DBZ and Pillars and try and grab some Boston Market.

Kribwalker2086d ago

It’s a lot of fun. Can’t wait for the next two levels to release as well

gangsta_red2086d ago

Yea, looking forward to some extra levels myself.

We need to team up again and play. I promise I won't frantically shoot everyone in the back (while screaming into the mic) when someone comes busting through the door like last time. ;)

Obscure_Observer2086d ago

Congratulations Bluehole Studio and Xbox Team! This game only shows the strengh of console gaming!

gangsta_red2086d ago

Agreed, not bad for a game that isn't even on Amazon's top 100. But at least it beat out CS:GO on the Xbox console

mwjw6962086d ago

@g red
Salty much? O no a digital only game selling well digitally!

Kribwalker2083d ago

i think he’s pointing out claims of others with his statement. We’ve all read certain individuals downplaying this game to the bitter end claiming it would be like CS:Go or that it’s not in the Amazon top 100 so it’s already flopped. But i do agree, it’s done amazingly well for an unfinished early access game

WilliamSheridan2086d ago

I've only managed one chicken dinner, a whopping 1.53% win percentage.

I still love the intensity of each match... You can feel it.

81BX2086d ago

2 solo and 4 on teams! It's unforgiving at times

WilliamSheridan2086d ago

I've had a ton of top 10 and a lot of top 5, but only the one win, and a few 3rds

MetroidFREAK212086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

You'll get that win eventually... I'm at 19 in total so it is doable. Just have patience and you'll persevere :) Good luck out there and see you online ;)


Man I hear ya, I have over 700 matches played, only won 8, 4 duo's and 4 solo's. Game is hard, but something about it makes it so addicting

Kribwalker2083d ago

it’s the intensity. Something that can’t be matched with fortnites cartoony graphics and play style. The sound effects are top notch. I play with my surround sound cranked up so i can hear everything, and when you’re running across an open field and you hear the crack of the sniper rifle firing at you, it gets your heart racing lol

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lxeasy2086d ago

5 million wow thats amazing. The game runs a lot better than how it did in December, keep the updates coming!

alb18992086d ago

It is one of the games that I have played more this generation.

nowitzki20042086d ago

Even on PC in the last couple months the updates took me from 60-70 fps to 120 fps.

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