Now, You *Can* Clean Your Wii Lens

Kotaku writes:

"When Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released earlier this year, a small percentage of Wii consoles had problems reading the double-layer disc if there was grime caused by cigarette smoke on the lens of the disc drive. Back then, Nintendo issued this statement: "Nintendo has specialized cleaning equipment that can resolve this problem. (Please do NOT attempt to clean the lens yourself, as you may damage the system.)" Well, now you can clean it yourself thanks to Nintendo's first party lens cleaner."

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jay23657d ago

bit too late any one?
or maybe for Xmas.

BrotherNick3657d ago

Lol, I'm getting mine at I voided my warranty and maybe this will fix my wii >.>;

Zerodin3657d ago

I r wanting 2 no ef I can haz cheezburger!

ReBurn3657d ago

I wonder if it will void your warranty?

CrippleH3657d ago

It says 1st party.

If it's from Nintendo I doubt it'll void warranty.

M_Prime3657d ago

i have my WII from day 1.. reads every disk i put into it (of course meaning GC and WII game)

my dad smokes downstairs.. but now i moved out and we're smoke free.. the key is you have to use your wii weekly.. it keeps the dust out..

but then again i have not had a problem and neither have my friends and they don't play the wii nearly as much as me.

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