90° New WoW Book Cover Revealed

Attendees of BlizzCon received postcards in their goody bags which show the hardback cover of the upcoming Warcraft novel 'Arthas'.

The book will be the first of a trilogy, and the series will cover many events in Arthas' life that have only been hinted at previously, including his romance with Jaina Proudmoore.

'Arthas' will be released in April next year, and may coincide with the Arthas encounter being released in a content patch in World of Warcraft.

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Leord3746d ago

Ah, that's cool! I'm really looking forward to these books as well. I like most other WoW books!

Maticus3746d ago

I love all the books too :)

kalos3746d ago

I know a certain group of people who have been dieing to get their hands on this book.

thetamer3746d ago

I wish there was a condom packet for WoW, I'd like an Orc condom.

Leord3746d ago

Big green penis, huh? Sounds like a disease o.O

Wuushu3746d ago

Now thats a sure buy if i ever saw any

AndyA3746d ago

Sounds like it should fill in some of the gaps

Maticus3746d ago

Indeed it should. I think this should be one of the most popular WoW books ever :)

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