Blend Games Editorial: PS3 Dominating In 2010 Looks Slim

Blend Games writes: "When a system costs more to manufacture than what it sells for and Sony is ending up several hundred dollars knee-deep in debt per-console-sold, and the console happens to be selling less than any currently produced console (including the PS2) nearly every month on end. This is why everyone is wondering how long this trend will last, and how will the PS3 dominate the industry if it can't get out of this slump.

In the previous article about a similar subject, a lot of commotion was raised over the statement of the Xbox 360 carrying the PS3, when it comes to third-party software. Well, had the 360 not been around who knows how long gamers would have been waiting for third-party titles to be released. The one fact a lot of people tend to miss out on is that it is, without a shadow of a doubt easier to program and design a game for the Xbox 360. Not only are the design tools easier (i.e., if you can program a simple PC game, you can program a simple Xbox 360 game,) they are also cheap enough to allow designers to drop brand new games under the $40 and $50 price point. Games such as Silpheed and the recently released Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant hit retail shelves without the market-high $60 a pop price tag. And while the games may not be that good (or they might be downright terrible, like Vampire Rain), they still afford developers a cheap alternative for making games on a "next-gen" console. Something we have yet to see on the PS3, outside of their PSN titles."

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zenosaga043752d ago

The fact that he stated that the PS3 is outsold by the 360 on a monthly basis boggles my mind. This entire year Playstation has outsold the 360 in North America and Japan.

Not really sure about European numbers since there aren't any reputable sites documenting European sales, but the Playstation 3 has definitely not been outsold by the Playstation 2 or 360 in any region thus far in the 2008 calendar year.

she00win993752d ago

i think he is in a cave when he writes thing article because he really has no idea what happen this year..

Pennywise3752d ago

You are right... outsold the 360 world wide since last Nov.

Kratos Spartan3752d ago

What happened to 2009? Did I oversleep or something?

juuken3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

A load of sh*t indeed.

Lol and the disagrees.

You know what? No one can predict the future. This guy here is jumping to conclusions when we still have 2009 to consider.

Seriously, wtf.

[email protected]3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Other Blend articles include: Bigfoot spotted having picnic with Abominable Snowman, Devil's face seen in 911 attacks, Half-pterodactyl half-Bicycle Man spotted In Underwater city of Atlantis, and lastly who could forget...Virtua Boy:The future is NOW.

Gothdom3752d ago

Seriously, the guy who wrote the article linked to another article dated from 2006; another one of his lame articles; one from march 20th 2006; one from January 4th 2007 stating the contrary to his dumb article; and finally, another of his own article.

I like well constructed articles. But this is made of some crap to reflect something that isn't true anymore. Either it's pure propaganda or the writer freaking suck at his job...

LeGenDx3752d ago

u guys are funny (complement)

pavarotti3752d ago

above and below me, i wonder how many of you lot would've been rubbishing this article if had been about the 360 dying before 09 was out????

that's rite, not many! there would've been lists of upcoming AAAAAAAAAAA sony games that would pazown1111 eveything, and sony is just so full of win blah blah.

the double standards on n4g are astounding. any crap blog no matter how bad that attacks the 360 is treasured, sits at the top of the page for days, and attracts the same fanboys that spew the same rubbish. but anything that slights the ps3 or sony is attacked with religous zeal by the sony army.

laughable really.

Cenobia3752d ago

So, basically what you're saying is that this article is stuffed to the brim with facts, and there is no way that anyone could possibly give a different opinion?

Also, there is a pretty big chance that a new xbox will be released by 2010, so I'd give way more credit to the article you're talking about. There is also evidence to back my claim up, like the dwindling legs of DVD9, and the problems MS created by not standardizing the HDD.

Which brings me to my final point, if you don't like it, gtfo. There are plenty of xbox fanboy sites that will pander to your needs.

pavarotti3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

just like there's very little facts in the rubbish blog bad 360 threads....which for some strange reason always recieve a very warm welcome on this site!

i was just pointing out how different the responses are to negative 360 and ps3 threads.

bottom line: if it's a negative 360 thread, it's full of truth and the 360 is already dead. but if it's a negative ps3 thread....

on a side note. i know you and all the other little sony fanboy virgins would like everyone that doesn't love sony and it's consoles like family members to leave this site. but it aint gonna happen. if you little saddos want a sony only site then you lot should go to the ps forums where you can all live in a blind sony utopia together. not everyone thinks sony is teh bezt! or the ps3 is "so full of win1111".

not everyone is a sheep kiddie

SL1M DADDY3752d ago

Artivles like these are the bane of the industry. Sadly, there are so many of them it's hard not to stumble upon a BS article like this...

snakeater33752d ago

no not everyone is a sheep...sheep only buy 360s ...thats why theres many of em ....many brainwashed sheep equals many cheap 360s....kiddie

Cenobia3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

You sound like a sheep.

I honestly don't care if you stay or go, I just don't understand why you're complaining. If you don't like it you can leave. I'm not saying everyone who supports the 360 should leave, and I certainly don't want this to become a fanboy site. In fact, I'd like all the fanboys to leave, which is why I invited you to.

I'm not the person twisting everything into a fanboy argument. I didn't bring up the 360 in this thread, or call everyone a fanboy for disagreeing with an obviously bias article. You did. YOU are the fanboy. You can't stand it that some people dislike the 360 on N4G.

Everyone here was saying the article was crap, and for some reason you flew off the handle about something that had nothing to do with the article itself. Also, I have never commented on a 360 thread that "the 360 is dead" or anything like that. If I post on a 360 thread it usually has to do with my concern for MS' strategies, or in response to a comment I disagree with.

There are fanboys on both sides, get over it.

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3752d ago
Vandan3752d ago

lol idon know who approve these lameas articles by these lameas sites but this will ruin n4g. HE doesn thave his numbers right and has got his xbot blindglasses on :P

ryuzu3752d ago

Suddenly they have a crystal ball and all...

Fact is, while a console has games people want to play it'll sell - and when it sells, devs will make games for it. PS3 is already past the point where it is viable for devs to make games.

All this crap about development complexity was raised for the PS2 vs Xbox and here it is again. The hump is already cleared - EA are cranking out their multi-plat yearly updates and Ubi are doing the same.

And there is the small matter of exclusives and Sony is in a better position there than MS.

The question is where will MS get their console selling exclusives from since they don't seem able to create successful IPs.

And perhaps a bigger question is whether the 360 will still be a living console in 2010 - seems like MS are about to kill it like they did Xbox 1...

Darkseider3752d ago

I didn't think it was possible to write such trash and make it a news worthy piece. The guy mentions that software availability is a problem for the PS3? Umm... yeah ok. Then there is the accessibility with the dev tools and being hard to program for? Sure maybe when the unit first came out devs had some hurdles to overcome. Now the PS3 architecture is really no harder to code for than anything else. Thing is that it is capable of far more than what it is already doing and will show once devs figure out new tricks. This was the same tired argument and when the PS2/Xbox were slugging it out. Look how that turned out. Like they say, history has a tendency to repeat itself.

Captain_Sony3752d ago

Numerous dev's and even Sony themselves have stated that PS3 is harder to develop for but we should take the word of some random poster with no programming experience on the PS3? Please... Nothing really wrong with the article IMO. If you really think Sony is going to catch up with the Wii to dominate more power to you. I just prefer to live in reality where things are pretty much set for xbox and Sony to fight for second place. Second place is not where you dominate from. Not saying the console is bad I love mine and I know its not going anywhere any time soon, but to stick your nose up to reality and act like everything is set for PS dominance is just beyond stupid.