A Handheld Gaming Device Designed for Retro Games? Yes, Please

Over the past couple of years, game developers have begun the revival of the design of the retro game. These games tend to have pixelated graphics and gameplay that brings back the memories of video games of yesteryear.

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SegaGamer1041d ago

Why would i buy this when i have my PSP which can do exactly the same thing?

Vames1041d ago

You just answered your own question!

TheCommentator1040d ago

Why buy a portable at all when a phone does everything, including emulate classic consoles?

Sir_Lucan1040d ago

Because Physical controls > Touch screen

optimus1040d ago

Mini Bluetooth gamepad ($15)... Problem solved.

Bleucrunch1040d ago

Yea touch screen will never replace buttons....wont ever be as responsive either. Must get a bluetooth controller if you want to use the emulators on your mobile phones.

TheCommentator1039d ago

Optimus has it right. If you're that into gaming on your phone Bluetooth controllers are the way to go. Your phone has all the power it needs to do everything these days, why not use an inexpensive controller if you need to instead of buying an expensive system just to play games on? Portables will die; it's just a matter of when.

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Elda1040d ago

People have their Vita's,DS's,Switch & smart phones for that.

jznrpg1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

If it had the games installed on it that would be cool but this is already available in many forms or if it took cartridges from gamegear, turbografx and the old Nintendo handhelds that would be cool . But it does none of those things

nirwanda1040d ago

If Nintendo or sega made one with the entire catalogue of games built in it would sell like crazy. Would love a 128gb handheld Dreamcast/gamecube with all games built in.

StonieWylder1040d ago

So some that's existed many time before this?

chris2351040d ago

and that gadget was already unnecessary. imagine what huuge success another mee too gadget would be that only played vintage games *g*

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The story is too old to be commented.