Top 12 Atari Jaguar Games, Including Jaguar CD

A list featuring the top 12 Atari Jaguar games, including games from the Jaguar CD attachment console.

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gangsta_red218d ago

Now this is the article I've been waiting for!

LevelSmack218d ago

I know right, everyone has been waiting for this article since 1994 :D

gangsta_red218d ago

Man, I remember when this first released and I went down to the local game shop and saw a demo of it and I thought to myself..."this doesn't look like 64-bit".

There needs to be an Atari Jaguar Mini!

legendkilla218d ago

Hahaha I used to have a Jaguar! Alien vs predator was my fave

LevelSmack218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Yep,one of the best games for the Jaguar :D

Avengerz43217d ago

One of the few consoles I'm missing to complete my collection. This and the Panasonic 3Do.

darthv72217d ago

AvP could certainly have benefited from a slightly higher frame rate. One game that was in development for the Jag CD and eventually graduated to the DC was initially called "Native". When released, the name was changed to Sturmwid.

mastershredder217d ago

Cybermorph as a top? Ouch.

Syndicate. Great port.
Doom. The Jaguar version was the best version of Doom visually/performance wise for a good amount of time.
Iron Soldier 2. Good follow up to the best-for-its-time console robot sim (let alone a console).