StarCraft II to get 'Eye of Sauron' after WotLK

Blizzard Co-founder Frank Pearce was on hand at Blizzcon to answer quite a few questions from the IncGamers team. Wandering Goblin's Pig conducted the interview which covers WoW, Diablo 2, SC2 and everything Blizzard related.

Frank commented on the BlizzCon event itself, how they prepare games for events like these, the MMO-inspiration in Diablo 3, WotLK Launch details, D3 development history and philosophy.

In addition to this, we get a few minimal comments on the FOURTH Blizzard project, and that StarCraft II will get the "Eye of Sauron" focused on the game development after WotLK launches. Just like Sigaty said in a previous interview at, is the great focus, together with Single Player, as the multiplayer aspect is more or less nailed. This is naturally also good news for Diablo 3, which will be heavily centred on co-op and Through the we'll also see achievements at launch of the games, and he denies any current plans of fees.

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Wuushu3659d ago

WoW is such a LOTRO copy... :P

Leord3659d ago

Hehe, yeah, that's my thought exactly. Not =)

kalos3659d ago

It appears that Blizzard has been tempted by power after all. Lets just hope they don't call thier next project "The one ring" or "Invasion of Middle-Earth" or we're all in trouble...

Leord3659d ago

Why reading so much into this "Eye of Sauron" ?

Maticus3659d ago

@ Leord: Because it's in the title!

thetamer3659d ago


I recognise him.

AndyA3659d ago

Interesting interview. D3 history is great.

Leord3659d ago

Hehe, great such as in the Blizzard North departure?

Actually, he's very vague, or even lying on it. they did in fact stop and scrap the old work of 2 years development when they left.

Maticus3659d ago

It's almost a sure bet that people will be paying for in some way. Shame.

Leord3659d ago

Well, if the "payment" is ingame ads, I'm ok with that.