The Witcher Twitter Account Teases News For Tomorrow

The Witcher Twitter: “Kaer Morhen’s old stones have witnessed many battles... Once more they'll feel the sting of sparks as blades collide... Check back tomorrow.”

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Hardiman216d ago

Can't wait until the Pro HDR patch finally comes!

215d ago
Chaosdreams215d ago

The news: Geralt of Rivia is going to be joining the playable characters of SoulCalibur 6.

(And from the trailer shown - his reason for showing up is actually quiet clever).

antikbaka215d ago

what news? it's already published that Geralt is making an appearance in Soulcalibur 6

Games4ever215d ago

The Witcher 2 for PS4 I hope.

stokedAF215d ago

Geralt as a guest character in soul calibur. The video is on YouTube and he looks sick. I’m surprised it’s not on here yet.

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