TVG LBP Review

TVG: "LittleBigPlanet deserves every single shred of a 10. You won't find a more polished or rewarding videogame this year, and for quite some time we'd imagine. Amidst Gran Turismo's and Metal Gear Solid's, LittleBigPlanet is finally the reason you need to invest in a PS3 - if you've already got one make sure to pick this up immediately. "

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eric1003659d ago

LBP wins it for SONY and PS3
expect more 10/10 as more reviews are in

I expect 100 10/10 when all reviews are in

crazy250003659d ago

this whole console war crap is endless and a waste of our time

LBP is awesome for PS3 owners and will help sell PS3s...just enjoy it

King Me3659d ago

Already have a ps3,can't wait for LBP wooohoo!

eric1003659d ago

was there ever any doubt?

eric1003659d ago

LBP will be a huge console seller

Deviant3658d ago

LBP ftw ....wooooo000ooot

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