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"At Avalanche Studios, we’re hard at work developing our next, as of yet unannounced, self-published title."

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Adexus214d ago

I just want another Mad Max.

MONOLITHICIDE214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Totally agree. I went in thinking mad max would be a dud but from videos peeked my interest. After playing through the first few intro missions i was hooked. Great game.

FalloutWanderer2077214d ago

Their engine is great, love to see them add even more depth to whatever game they're creating. They can create some pretty and expansive worlds, now they need to put more interaction and they'll be good to go. Mad Max is a good game, far from perfect but looks great, has excellent optimization (played it on PC) and a huge world that does the Mad Max universe justice. I have not yet played the Just Cause series, though seen lots of images and video. They look like "mindless" fun, and there's nothing wrong with that.