Press Start: No game, including Super Seducer, should be censored

Critics have called for the recently released game Super Seducer to be removed from sale, but like any other piece of media, the game has a right to exist, Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee writes.

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GrimDragon216d ago

"It’s odd to me that the people who think “Super Seducer” is harmful to society are the ones telling women who chose to act in it to commit suicide,"

It's not odd. It's the way of the hardcore left.
It's a shame that Sony decided to buckle under the supposed pressure of a select few. Iam sure steam will be an example of how not to lose your spine sony.

narsaku216d ago

Yea, no. It' a game designed by a narcissistic lunatic pig that targets lonely vulnerable men or other pigs in sheep clothing. It has no right to exist, and I'm so glad it's being shamed and removed.

How this man sees women is outright laughable and outside of very specific, ill groups of vulnerable emotionally damaged females, NOBODY would see improvement in their relationship life by using this sim.

There are times, when the censorship or, "freedom", argument has no right to be applied. This product, is hot garbage. For hot garbage. Designed by hot garbage. It should be censored, and thankfully it is.

...If anyone wants advice on relationship success, it's this. Be yourself, take a break, stop caring so much. Once the desperation no longer exists, the opposite gender will become to you what they are. Just another person. And that's when friendship and chemistry can be born between two people. The lifeblood of all relationship success.

spartanlemur216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

If "hot garbage" should be censored, we can start with your comment.

narsaku216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

What about my comment is hot garbage to you???

The man's clearly trash, are you his buddy or something?

Edit: Actually nm, I'm not going into this debate.

jessionpc216d ago

Whaaaaaat? What he said was 100% true. This guy is a self centered loonie. Did u see what he said to that guy online who critiqued his crappy game? Hes messed up dude.

Phoxel216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Huh. So all the women, including the game's director, who were featured in the game and were comfortable with the script and working with Richard are "hot garbage"? How very misogynistic of you.

narsaku216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Umm.. What part of my comment was misogynistic?

You might want to google that word bud.

Edit: Ohhhh, you're the guy who linked the articllllllllle. Now this makes sense.

Edit 2: NM I'm not participating in this debate. You have a good 1 bud.

jessionpc216d ago

Yea. Because finding women who will sell their self respect for money is reaaaally difficult............

spartanlemur216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

I'm not sure a person can be considered "trash", and that seems like a somewhat dangerous way to look at other people.

I don't know the creator of the game personally, so I am not in a position to pass judgement upon him, but nor am I going to defend him.

I am not a supporter of the seduction community (because I think it has its priorities upside-down), but it is nonetheless interesting to understand the way they think, and the footage of the game I've seen was very funny indeed (because the person who made it comes across as a fool).

Who are you to deprive me of such humour? Who are you to prevent me from such inquiry? What makes you think you're so smart? And whence does your dating advice arise? You remind me of the sort of person who calls for new laws without understanding how laws work, and thus fails to understand how some petty law can undermine the integrity of the entire legal system through setting precedents of tremendous consequence.

I agree with you that it's not a good game as far as its intended purpose (which is a flawed) is concerned, but your suggested response is far more dangerous. We can discuss what things are good and bad amicably, but when someone calls for censorship, they invite animosity. You're interfering with the right of other people to exchange knowledge (even if it is full of nonsense), and that's reprehensible.

narsaku216d ago

No I'm sorry I just don't want to debate with people here over a subject like this one. I shouldn't have even commented in the first place, it's all too messed up and I don't want to be involved.

Have a great day though bud, don't slip on the melting ice. :D

spartanlemur216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

The problem with the pro-censorship crowd is that they tend to consist largely of ignorant buffoons. If a game disgusts you, then you have learnt something about beauty, just as if a game were to captivate you. Both beautiful and awful games serve to teach those playing them something about themselves. Those who value learning oppose censorship.

lptmg216d ago

so including that Logan Paul in the suicide forest game?

Phoxel216d ago

That absolutely has a right to exist. Why wouldn't it?