A Goodbye Letter To GameStop

2.0 from TrueGameHeadz writes:

"We have made a great couple for many years now. Over the course of which you have done so many great things for me, but, time has passed, and people change – I have changed. Although I say this with a very heavy heart, I think it is time that we both go our separate ways. I know it sounds cliche, but it's not you, it's me. I'm just looking for something different in a retail games store, and I've found it, with someone else.

I think we both know that this has been a long time coming. We've had a long relationship, but, and I'm sure you've noticed, things haven't been working out too well lately. We've had our ups and downs..."

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cantfindaname083654d ago

They rip you off so bad. you get $20.. for new games that are like 60 bucks.

bitboi3654d ago

yea i don't understand how they do that crap! You can bring back a brand new game in literally and hour after you've purchased it. And they'll give you no more than $20 for it. And since they're all over the place the average consumer has no choice but to go to them.

Heldrasil3654d ago

It is a persons choice to trade or sell their game, if you don't like the price, then don't sell it. Don't get pissed if they don't give you the price "you" want, be logical. Go on E-Bay or Craigslist and sell it local and get a much better price. People shouldn't have the right to complain about their own incompetence. Gamestop offers convenience to trade/sell, it's a capitalistic business not a charity. Stop the complaining and go somewhere else if you don't like it, many local record shops and game stores offer better service, so use it.

SmokeyMcBear3654d ago

why in the hell are you buying a game then bringing it back so soon anyways.. why dont you just rent it

psnDevistator3563654d ago

I buy my games at bestbuy and use my rewards zone card each time.

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The gaming GOD3654d ago

Even when they were called Funcoland they'd buy your game really cheap, then sell it to someone else for like $15 under the new version's price

And it's only gotten worse over the years

Owner360-PS33654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

They hire the most non gaming educated people, around here anyways.There rude,dumb and the list could go on,i will drive past 3 gamestops on my way to Circuit City,Best Buy,Wal Mart just to not shop there.

Philip J Fry3654d ago

I had not had any trouble with Gamestop until today, after all it is usually the only place in my town to get games on the day they release. That is until today. I pre-ordered Dead Space a month ago, and go in the store this morning when they open and they tell me that they don't have it today. They say that 10/14 is not the release date but the ship date and that the game will be available tomorrow after their shipment comes in. I will NEVER go in another store, after i pick up my copy of Dead Space of course.

VWGTI3654d ago

I never understood why people always got confused about this. I'm sure if you've purchased a game on the day of its release in the past five years you would know that the "release date" is the ship date 90% of the time (save for big titles like Halo and Madden).

micro_invader3654d ago

You couldn't wait one day? Really? I think you really need to learn how to be patient, other people in other countries have to wait weeks, sometimes months to get their hands on a game.

Philip J Fry3654d ago

it's that I'd rather not. Who cares about people in other countries, I live in this country. The release date was advertised as 10/14, so forgive me for expecting to be in the store on 10/14.

xxsnowmanxx3654d ago

yeah it sucks. well for me its EB games but they should prepare for release date rather then shimpment date... i wanted socom today too =(

jkoz3654d ago

Philip that's pretty weak; they make it pretty clear when you preorder when it'll be in, and their computer calls you too. Titles like Dead Space aren't at the store a week ahead of time. You'll find most electronics stores that carry these games are like that. Best Buy does the same thing as does Circuit City. I'm sure they won't miss your business. Quit acting like you've been served a dish of injustice, because you haven't. You were never promised it today from Gamestop.

Philip J Fry3654d ago

I didn't realize you were there when I pre-ordered the game. They did not make it clear that the ship date was the 14th and the release date the 15th, they did not even make it "pretty clear". I feel like they could have been more informative. Best Buy does have it today, and so I assumed Gamestop would too. I am not sure they won't miss my business as well, and I am sure I will go back for the next big title. I am just saying I was disappointed when they didn't have the game I wanted, when I thought it would be in. Why is everyone else taking this so seriously?

VWGTI3654d ago

I'll have to disagree with you again, Philip. The Best Buy website still has the game available for pre-order and will not sell the game until the 15th.

Philip J Fry3654d ago

I called them, (205) 437-8966 they said they had it.

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