Moss Review – An Inconclusive Albeit Endearing VR Puzzle Adventure | GameCloud

Lliam Ahearn at GameCloud writes: "Moss is a lovely little game that applies VR in ways I’m excited to see develop. The simple platforming, puzzling and fighting aren’t anything fantastic on their own, but together in a precious little storybook world, and elevated by a VR perspective, they’re a delight. It’s a shame Moss feels a little cut short, but what remains is an endearing adventure that’s a joy to take part in. A healthy mix of interesting puzzles and satisfyingly, simple combat make Moss a stand out PSVR game and a beacon for the potential of third-person games in the virtual realm."

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NecrumOddBoy217d ago

Moss is a phenomenal experience, and they must have for any psvr owner