Take Our Money Nintendo, Enough With the 3DS-only Games

"Andrew and I discuss our disappoint with some of the latest 3DS titles not making their way to Switch. We’ve seen games like Fire Emblem Warriors come to both platforms, so it’s pretty disappointing when great upcoming games like the Luigi’s Mansion remake not making it to Nintendo’s latest hardware. " -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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FallenAngel1984315d ago

It should be obvious why the Luigi’s Mansion remake is coming to 3DS. It’s using the same assets that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon utilized.

The same mindset is why other games are coming to 3DS. They don’t have as high a budget so it’s easy to put some games out on the handheld than it would be on Switch.

Moonman315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I understand that but look at Captain Toad. They downgraded it for 3DS but it's marketed to be essentially the same game coming to Switch. Luigi's Mansion deserves an upgrade but the GameCube version still looks better than the "remake" on 3DS. I know it's not a remaster but in's an odd call. I can't wait to see what The World Ends With You will look like on Switch with new HD visuals coming from the DS. Maybe then will some see the lost potential here. Luigi's Mansion on Switch would outsell the 3DS version. Why? Most have moved on. 3DS may have sold 70 million but that is not 70 million people waiting for Luigi's Mansion. That's like saying 100 million Wii owners would be waiting for Luigi's Switch is where we are at now. lol

Neonridr314d ago

yeah but Luigi's Mansion will be in 3D. We may still see a Switch version eventually.

FallenAngel1984314d ago

Well I for one am glad Nintendo isn’t abandoning 3DS like they did with Wii & Wii U in its twilight years, so it’s going to receive games regardless. And clearly the Switch isn’t going to get every new 3DS title.

The 3DS assets were already there so they used them to make a remake just like what they’re doing with Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story.

The World Ends With You already has a port with HD visuals on iOS almost six years ago. I beat it on my iPhone last year. The Switch is getting that version plus a new epilogue.

Moonman314d ago

I'm glad it is coming to 3DS since Dark Moon did so well (the best selling entry in the franchise). Like this states...why not "take all our money Nintendo?" and put it on both. ;p

FallenAngel1984314d ago

I guess Nintendo just can’t be bothered to make every future 3DS game on Switch.

It is very annoying how Mario Party Top 100 isn’t on Switch. The best we can hope for is that some of these games get rereleased on Switch in the future

_-EDMIX-_314d ago

Except the Nintendo switch is also portable and it is more powerful which doesn't even explain why would be skipping that system, I mean are you literally trying to tell me that because it can exist on 3DS it can't exist on the switch?

FallenAngel1984314d ago

I’m saying that some games will just continue to naturally come to 3DS but no on Switch

The same thing happened with SNES while N64 was out, with PS1 while PS2 was out, with PS2 when PS3 was out, & with PS3 while PS4 was out.

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Dimi1978314d ago

The 3DS after 7 extremely successful years is much more mature as a platform than the Switch. The software is there, the engines are there, so it's easier for them to port some specific games first of all to the 3DS.The Switch gets all the support and games it deserves and as a new console, it needs resources and games to fill it's library, something that Nintendo is very actively doing. But they can't port every game at once .Switch owners should be thankful for all the support the Switch gets from everywhere and stop crying just because 2-3 games are only 3DS games. Switch will get them in the future for sure, just not yet.

Auron314d ago

Id rather pay $29-39 than $59

_-EDMIX-_314d ago


I would rather play this on a Nintendo switch and I already own a 3 DS